Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

Late last week a giant in educational thinking passed away at the age of 70. Sir Ken Robinson challenged the status quo of standard education across the globe and promoted three great ideas: Diversity through individualisation of the curriculum, curiosity through high quality teaching, and creativity as the key to meaningful learning.

His TED talks, books and seminars were deep, witty and optimistic. His first TED talk was “Do schools kill creativity?” and it has been viewed over 65 million times. He was all about human flourishing.

What a legacy for our world. What a challenge for our College. This is a question our staff grapple with every day – how to make learning relevant for each child in a group of 24 or 30 others, how to foster creativity and avoid standardisation, and how to promote curiosity and do away with passive compliance.

I have almost finished interviewing children and their parents for Prep in 2021, and the amount of creativity, curiosity and individual wonder just bubbles out of these three and half year olds. What an insight into human potential.

The overwhelming encouragement we have for students and families is that our College is seeking to improve in all it does, always with the end goal of creative opportunities for and fostering character in our graduates…holding up faith, wisdom, compassion and respect as worthy values to aspire to.

Sir Ken Robinson championed the cause of great education. May his legacy not be forgotten.

Mr Andrew McPhail