Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

In our second Junior School assembly we formally inducted the Junior School student leaders. Parents and family were invited to come and support their son or daughter and pin on their badges after the assembly.

I spoke about being a leader and encouraged the students to work on four things.

Stand up for something true and right, like Malala Yousafzai who campaigns for womens’ rights in Pakistan and around the world

Serve others without thinking about what’s in it for you

Put yourself in the others person’s shoes – to grow in empathy and understanding, like Anne Sullivan the teacher of Helen Keller

Try something brave and hopeful

There are many aspects to leadership, and young people given the opportunity can make a real difference. One such difference is the student initiated Sausage Sizzle for flood relief. Students from Junior and Senior School joined together to find a way to make a difference for those who have suffered much in recent times. Compassion in action is open to everyone, and a way for leaders to serve our community

Mr Andrew McPhail