Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

There’s something about ‘hi vis’ clothing that changes the moment. For the last two weeks all the Junior School staff have been wearing a bright fluoro orange vest while leading lines of children to the car park. I’ve been wearing one while greeting families each morning at Kiss and Drop. It makes us stand out, and gives a sense of responsibility and perhaps authority. I often feel like a traffic supervisor!

There is of course a more important reason. That’s to keep children safe, and to ensure a smooth following routine for students arriving and departing in these strange COVID-19 times. I am very grateful to our parent community for the sensible and cooperative way our routines have been supported. The buses have also been well used.

One real benefit I have noticed is the sense of independence our students have gained through this all. Who ever thought a Kindergarten girl or boy could carry their own bag all the way from the car park to the school and do it with a big smile on their face! Remember this time, mums and dads, and bank on it for the future.

Our plan is that when 100 people are allowed to gather in a space we will look at opening up the amphitheatre and courtyard between A and B block for afternoon collection. Until then, appreciate our ‘in campus’ car park and enjoy the moment at the end of the school day when you meet your child at the car. When else do our children with a backpack on run into our arms!

Mr Andrew McPhail