Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

An ABC show I used to watch on occasion was Utopia, where the National Building Authority constantly found itself in the wrestle between politics and bureaucracy. Many of my friends refused to watch it as it was too close to the truth for their workplace. And it was mostly cringeworthy for me as well, but I am a Rob Sitch fan so that’s my excuse.

Happily our College has a confident grip on growth and planning. It’s been an exciting few weeks as we look to finishing our year well and starting 2022 with a great vision for pastoral care, new classes and staff, and new families joining our friendly community.

It seems that each week brings new opportunities to do things well. The continued restrictions for schools in our LGA has meant that we have needed to rethink end of year events and there will be specific information sent home regarding these.

Most importantly we have grown. Many students have outgrown uniforms and now are taller than mum or dad, especially Year 6. I have just completed reading every Semester 2 report, and there has been academic growth, even in a lockdown year. There has been the need for us to show compassion and respect to our own classmates, and to the wider world. And we’ve done this together.

As we finish up the year of 2021 I want to recognise the way families, especially parents and carers, have worked with the school to make this a wonderful place to learn, to play and to grow. Not Utopia, but almost!

Mr Andrew McPhail