Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

They’re back!

Looks like border control has not worked for the migratory koel, a visiting parasitic cuckoo from PNG that takes up residence on our coast every Spring. Need an alarm clock at 4.30 am? Try a koel! Want a reminder of summer around the corner in our Prep garden? Try a koel! They are back, and making their presence known.

And so are all our students, from Prep to Year 6. The playground is loud and raucous, energetic and cheerful. Classes are in full swing with learning and students are reconnecting with friends. The car park and bus routines for the afternoon departure are working well and we look forward to the next relaxation of restrictions for schools, whenever that may be.

Just like the koel setting up for the future (by laying its egg in another bird’s nest!) we are looking to setting up 2022 in a well organised and optimistic way. Part of our role as staff in the Junior School is designing our classes for optimal learning. This includes allocating girls and boys to a home class. Please refer to the letter that has been sent home to all Junior School families.

Mr Andrew McPhail