Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

During the last holidays I was able to visit Bathurst for a few days. I visited a few used furniture shops, recycled and collectable stores, and looked for somewhere that takes old sewing machines (don’t ask!). I was amazed at the amount of ‘stuff’ that was for sale! And I did find someone who collects sewing machines…why I’m not sure.

We find ourselves collectors of something, or anything, at different points in our lives. I have some collections in my office – feathers, coffee mugs, pebbles and shells. At home I have paintbrush and painting collections, photo albums (up to about the year digital storage took over) and books. I used to collect butterflies and cicadas.  And there are memories as well. I think we collect memories because that’s part of our story.

I have encourages our Junior School students to enjoy their collections, start a new one or research about someone else’s. There are some fascinating museums in Australia that really started as one person’s obsession with a collection, and a desire to share it with others. There are many links if you do an online search.

During our current lockdown I want to encourage you and your family to collect things. Memories are a great place to start. Why not begin a card night, a table tennis comp, a family cook book or a real photo album? Restrictions are tough for many of us and it’s easy to make negative memories of this time. When it’s all over and we are back to work, school and travel, what will we have collected?

Mr Andrew McPhail