Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

We’ve been anticipating the ‘bust out’ for a while, and now it’s here. An easing of restrictions, schools are now returning to full time attendance, and there’s a different landscape for doing life together. We’re breathing a sigh of relief, but making sure there’s 1.5m between us grownups as we do.

Something else is getting a ‘bust out’, and that’s the Kindergarten rooms. This week there have been tradies removing windows and installing sliding doors in a section of the western side of the classroom. This allows the class to experience a different landscape – a large outdoor area connects to the classroom. The area will be a courtyard with synthetic grass and rubberised surface, garden beds and seating. Eventually we will install a new covered learning area.

Our Prep outdoor learning space is also at final planning stage, ready for completion in the next few months. This will create a wonderful amphitheatre that offers better protection from the winter winds.

As we return to full time attendance for all classes next week I ask you to get your morning and afternoon plan all set. What time for pick up and who will be there standing in front of the car are essential agreements to make for all K-6 families. Bus travel and Camp Australia are back to normal as well. Please let the class teacher know about the arrangements. I will be there (along with class teachers on a roster) every afternoon and most mornings to help make the drop off and collection smooth and safe.

Mr Andrew McPhail – Head of Junior School