Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

One of the activities I often do in an enrolment interview is look at feathers with the young person who is visiting with mum or dad. I have a collection of various colours, shapes and sizes that reflect the brilliant diversity of our living planet. This collection often starts a conversation about things we enjoy, value and appreciate. It’s often the little feathers that get chosen as favourite.

This collection is a bit like school. There are the flashy bright kids, the warm and friendly kids. There are the colourful characters and the quiet achievers. Unique, social, imperfect and hopeful – all wrapped up in a community that see life as purposeful.

Easter is an event we hold as significant in our school. It points to a real moment in history where God acted for everyone – every age, in every time, in every culture. It’s easy to miss in the flashy show of chocolate, bunnies (or bilbies) and holidays. But take a good look and even a sceptic can appreciate what real love for our world looks like.

Enjoy the holidays, and keep an eye out for the beauty and truth in the little, hidden things.

Mr Andrew McPhail