Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

Our College values a culture of honesty, respect and inclusiveness. What does honest feedback from a teacher look like and sound like for a student?

Can you remember getting in trouble from the teacher as a child? Is there a memory that still makes you mad, embarrassed or humiliated? Funny how we can clearly remember something from a long time ago especially when it comes to dealing with an adult who was meant to care for us.

Or perhaps you have a similar memory, but you actually know you deserved the feedback you got! Instead of humiliation it may be humility or reluctant gratitude you feel. It all depends on how the truth is delivered – and received.

The biblical maxim to ‘speak the truth in love’ is our starting point with our youngest to oldest Junior School children. Preppies at 4 need the truth just as much as our young adolescents in Year 6. Truth to learn, to grow and to serve.

Maybe your child has already received from the teacher a good dose of truth in the last few weeks! It’s easy to defend or jump to a quick conclusion as a caring parent. Be assured our staff approach this vital part of education from a position of care, hope and love. The aim is to train, correct, guide and disciple (lead).

Next week’s Zoom interviews may provide a moment to commit with the teacher to a culture of honesty and respectful feedback…so your child can grow in every way. There’s no better goal to have as a parent, and a teacher.

Mr Andrew McPhail

Important Note
Enrolments are filling fast for 2022. Do you have another child joining us in 2022? Current families do receive sibling priority; however, we need to secure a place for them by Friday 19 March 2021 or we cannot guarantee that a place will be available due to numbers and demand. If you would like to check if you have already submitted an application, please speak to our Community Engagement Officer, Leigh Drummond – enrol@shellharbourac.nsw.edu.au It would also assist us to notify of 2023 siblings!