Deputy Principal – People and Culture

Deputy Principal – People and Culture

An “I can…” culture

One of the many strengths of our College culture is the positive self-belief that empowers so many students to challenge themselves through adventure or performance. As I attended both Senior and Junior School Assemblies this week, I had the pleasure of hearing a Year 12 Music student perform the piece he will play in his major exam and later I watched as Kindergarten students MC their Assembly. I also enjoyed being a “Shark” in the “Shark Tank” for a Year 11 Business Studies project. It seems that every day there are new opportunities being taken up by students to perform for real audiences and this develops the skills and confidence that will equip them to thrive. How wonderful it is to be part of a College that encourages young people to step into the spotlight and show how they are growing and using the gifts that God has given them.

R U OK? Day

Thursday 8 September is R U OK? Day. We have participated in this important opportunity in our nations calendar to encourage peer-to-peer care and support. This year, our activities are being deferred a week (until Thursday 15 September) but we have organised a Box Car Rally, which will be a fun way to build connections across the School. The intention is that such connections are supported as the seeds of supportive friendships, and will develop into meaningful social relationships, forming the fabric of a health community. We encourage students (except for any Year 11 students who have exams that day) to wear mufti clothing on this day, including something yellow, which is the RUOK? Day colour. We look forward to reporting back about what a great day we will undoubtedly have.

Mr Adam Lear