In Dr. Suess’ classic story Horten, tiny specks of dust float out-of-control through time and space uncertain of how, or where they will land. Their world has been turned upside down and they face impending doom. It sounds oddly similar to life in 2020 COVID-19 land! Perhaps it doesn’t feel quite as dire as that, but I’m sure we’ve all been feeling like life’s out-of-control and the future is uncertain. Is there a Horten who can hear our cries for help? 

In Chapel we’ve been reading about Joseph’s story in Genesis. Joseph, victim of his brothers’ hatred, is sold to passing slave traders, ending up alone and enslaved in a foreign nation. His brothers are free of him, but like a floating speck of dust, he is homeless and (seemingly) abandoned. 

And yet. [SPOILER ALERT]. The story isn’t over. Just as Horton the Elephant hears the speck’s cries for help, God hears Joseph. But unlike Horton, instead of scrambling to protect Joseph, God is in control all along. Despite the evil intentions of Josephs’ brothers, God is weaving a plan that will ultimately result in the saving of many lives. It’s hard not to think of the horrific death of Jesus which also results in the saving of many (more!) lives. But what’s this got to do with us? 

Trials will come our way. We won’t understand them. We won’t enjoy them. But faith gives a new perspective. To know a God who does not forget or abandon His people gives great hope. We can cry out to Him with small and strained voices, knowing that His ear is turned towards us when we come to Him in faith. In the end Horton sees a big picture he never dreamed of – and so does Joseph. If God is as trustworthy and loving as the Bible says, then by knowing Him, so can we.   

Mr Dan Odell