Lots of us grew up in the 80’s watching the ABC show “Mr. Squiggle”. It was very odd. A puppet with a pencil as nose had the challenge of turning a bunch of senseless ‘squiggles’ on a page into something artistic and meaningful. At the same time a talking blackboard would tell him to hurry up. Oddly, I think the whole idea mirrors real life.

We face the ‘squiggles’ of our own lives (broken families, difficult friendships, unexpected illnesses and unwelcome pandemics) and wonder how we’re supposed to make something meaningful of it. And what is God doing in the middle of all this mess, anyway?

This term in Chapel we are following the story of Joseph recorded in Genesis chapters 37-50. Joseph is born into a dysfunctional family; he loses his mother young, his father has three other wives and he is hated by his siblings because he is their father’s favourite. 

Despite those beginnings, as the story unfolds we see the hand of God; always in control, always at work to make something spectacular out of the mess. Which is the entire story of the Bible, really. God keeps His promise to repair a broken world and forgive broken and sinful people, against all odds. Ultimately, through the worst squiggle of all – the death of His son.

So what is our part? We admit that we have squiggles we can’t make sense of – many of them our own doing! What is God’s promise? That because of His love and through Jesus’ death, He can repair what is broken, forgive what is past and provide hope for (an eternal) future. I encourage you to have a read of the whole story. It’s a spectacular life (or just watch the musical…). And I encourage you to trust your messes and squiggles to a magnificent and powerful God.

Mr Dan Odell