I found studying HSC economics interesting, but mostly confounding. Occasionally, I felt like I had a loose grasp on a concept, but for the most part fiscal policy and marginal returns eluded me. And that was long before cryptocurrency hit the scene. If I’ve lost you, hold on. Bitcoin and the like are just ‘digital’ currencies – not governed and centralised by any government. You purchase things with it, and it’s value can go up and down – like the dollar, but faster. The big question being asked right now – it seems – is whether or not their value will go up, or down. It’s the same question we have always asked about just about every investment we make. And the answer is probably the same: we don’t really know…

But it highlights that part of our nature to tap into something which will have a lasting and growing value. Why? Because if we find it (a property, a currency, a relationship) then it will bring us security and safety. 

As I think about that, I’m again reminded of Jesus’ words in Luke 12. He sees the same desire in people in his day: to find a treasure that won’t wear out, depreciate or collapse. Then he offers the answer: something of immeasurable value that you can never lose. Something that won’t wear out, or fade away. What is it? A place in God’s kingdom; a permanent status as a loved child of God. Where do I buy it? I don’t. Jesus bought it for me, by dying on the cross. 

I wish I owned some Bitcoin. But even if I did, I’d still be wondering when it’s time to sell! I’m thankful that ‘In Christ Alone’ I find what is worth more, most needed and never fading. 

Parents’ Prayer Meeting

Our parents’ prayer meeting is held every second week on Friday mornings at 9am (we meet at the canteen). Our next time together will be on Friday June 4. Please feel welcome to join us! 

Mr Dan Odell