Careers Update

Careers Update

The things students need to do and the decisions they must make can often feel overwhelming with all the information and instructions out there! So how do students manage things and stay sane and happy for better outcomes?

With a Career plan!

In the past week, Year 10 students participated in a workshop to develop their Career Plan. Students logged onto the secure student area of the Shellharbour Anglican College Careers website and entered details about their education, personality, work experience, work skills, achievements, future plans, goals, barriers, and an action plan. Students took the opportunity to participate in various tests/quizzes to help understand their career personality, interests, skills and abilities, enterprise skills, work values, and entrepreneurship skills.

The Career Plan that students have developed is a working document – students will change and update it as their goals develop over their schooling years. It will guide them and assist me in directing relevant information and opportunities to them.

If you have a child in Year 10, ask them about their Career Plan!

Ms Cheryl Brennan
Careers Adviser