5 March 2021 - 3 May 2021
From the Principal

From the Principal

Year 12 Retreat at Mittagong

The theme of “Gratitude” was the central focus of our Year 12 Retreat held last week at Mittagong. It was wonderful spending the week with each Year 12 group as they took time to continue their faith and personal journey towards a fulfilling adulthood. The spectacular yet peaceful setting of the Marist Retreat Centre, comfortably located in the countryside of the Southern Highlands, provided the perfect atmosphere for this reflective time.

Recognising the unique and positive relationships of family and friends, while exploring the special relationship each girl has with their God and with each other also allowed students to appreciate that life has many dimensions.

Throughout this time of thoughtful reflection students took the opportunities to write gratitude cards to each other, warmly expressing the qualities and virtues they valued in each other. It will remain a very treasured experience. With a renewed vigour and greater appreciation for one another, the students returned to MSCW this week.  


Year 12 Flex Model (Flexible Learning Experience)

During the Retreat week, Year 12 spent three days on Retreat and two days involved in our newly developed FLEX model. This FLEX model, being trialled at MSCW for the first time this year, allows our students a flexible learning experience of either online or face-to-face skills-based workshops. From an array of workshops, students were given choice in their decision to use their preferred way of learning, what time they engaged in the workshop and which of their subjects to target. While working with their teachers, students should be identifying particular areas needed for improvement and either ‘problem-solve’ it or seek greater explanation. This model was developed from the feedback and learnings we captured during the online delivery we undertook in 2020 due to COVID. During each of my ASPIRATION meetings with Year 12 groups, the students have expressed their excitement by this opportunity and over the coming week we will evaluate the success of this time. In Terms 2, 3 and 4, before the HSC, students will have further experiences of this FLEX model.

Principal’s Assembly

This week at the Principal’s Assembly, we acknowledged two significant events.

Firstly, through prayer, we launched our recognition of 200 years of Catholic education in Australia. This is a significant time for Marist Sisters’ College and a recognition of the commitment and dedication of the Marist Sisters who began educating students on this school site in 1908, 112 years ago. It was their presence, ambition, enthusiasm and tenacity that inspired students to “see, judge, act and feel” Mary in our world. As Marist women we are called to ‘ACTION’ the presence of Mary to others in a loving way, always fostering inclusion and accepting diversity.



The second significant event in our Assembly was to recognise International Women’s Day by highlighting practical expressions of this in our own school environment. The 2021 theme is: “Choose to Challenge”. We often invoke the words of Jeanne Marie Chavoin, Foundress of the Marist Sisters, when she said: “that women in time will come to do much”.

As a woman, she struggled with the adversity of growing up in late 1700’s where women didn’t have a strong voice for change. She knew that through time and with passion and commitment to the role and unique qualities of women, things would change. Still today this change could be perceived as being slow, especially when examined through the lens of the percentage of women on Corporate and NFP Boards, the rights of women included in Enterprise Agreements, elected local, state and national political representatives, equal remuneration in sports and arts, and while hard for us to imagine, even the right to education or voting in some countries. However, International Women’s Day brings a real recognition to the place, voice and skills of women. In this 2021 year of “Choose to Challenge” we can:

  • choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality
  • choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements.

From ‘Challenge’ comes change. This challenge means that we, as women, set the bar high on how we treat each other and celebrate each other. At the heart of this we at MSCW have zero tolerance for the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ which cuts down anyone who is perceived or appears better than ourselves through their achievements and ambitions. Instead we say ‘BRAVO’ to all those who try, and applaud those who eagerly ‘have a real go’ and rejoice in those who succeed, because they remind us of who we are and what we can achieve as women of ‘action’.

At the Retreat last week. I captured images of our Year 12 students raising their hands in support of “Choose to Challenge” in our College community. 

As educated women, we are obliged to ‘choose to challenge’ whenever we see injustice or witness someone putting another down.

These are the ‘put-down merchants’ or ‘quicksand crowd’ who mostly take and not give in a community. This behaviour will always be “challenged” at MSCW. As Marist girls it is always important that we ‘empower’ each other as ‘sisters’ to create a more just and equitable world. Each of us must play our part in the change.


Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2, #8 

From the Assistant Principal

From the Assistant Principal

This week we celebrated our first Principal Assembly which was a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together. I would like to commend our Year 12 Student Leaders for their organisation and leadership of the assembly.  It was also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our Swimming Carnival with individual and group recognition of success. 

The College community was privileged to a very special musical performance by one of our many talented musicians; Megan Lam (Year 7).

Megan performed a cello piece Elegie Opus 24 by Gabriel Faure.

Her performance demonstrated a truly special gift that she so willingly shared with the community.

I thank Megan for her courage and willingness to share her gift and encourage all students to take part in College opportunities that are presented so that they too can share their gifts with others.


COMPASS Student Card

It is a College expectation that all students have their COMPASS student ID card with them everyday. The card is used in particular for students to tap in and out of the College for late arrival or early departure. I ask for the support of parents in ensuring that your daughter/s have this with them everyday.  If students have misplaced or lost their student ID card it is a requirement that the card is replaced. Please see below for how to order a new card online.

College Uniform

As the weather starts to change and the days get cooler, parents and students are reminded that the College Blazer is the outer garment of the College uniform when students are outside of the College grounds.

I ask that attention is given to wearing the College uniform correctly. In attending to the little things, students are able to remain focused on their learning without having the distraction of continued requests from teachers to address aspects of personal grooming and uniform that are not consistent with the expectations of the College.

Study Skills Tip for March


Here are four reasons why you should start working on your assignment immediately.


Even if your assignment is not due for weeks, start thinking about it immediately. At the very least, ensure you review and understand the requirements the day you get your assignment. Even if you are not thinking about it directly, your subconscious will be hard at work.


Although the school or local library may not be your main source of reference, you should drop in soon after receiving the assignment. Your teacher will probably have alerted the school librarian to the assignment, and reference books etc, may well be displayed. These will disappear quickly if the whole class has the same assignment. Reference books can sometimes be a useful general overview for an assignment and they help clarify a direction as you begin to immerse yourself into the assignment topic. Your librarian can also guide you to online journals or databases that may be useful.


If you do some initial research on the assignment, you could find yourself needing more direction in your next research. For example: Perhaps there isn’t enough information, or perhaps you find you don’t understand important concepts, or perhaps you need to speak to your teacher to get further clarity. If you find this out early, you will still have plenty of time to plan, research, write and present your assignment. Imagine if you didn’t start your assignment for a week or so, and then discovered you needed more guidance. You could easily run out of time. Starting early also gives you a longer time to think through and develop your ideas.


Starting your assignment immediately will give you a safety net in case you get sick or something unexpected happens. Assignments are usually given over a period of time because they require more time; students must plan a strategy or schedule to ensure they are completed. You should always have a schedule that allows for the unexpected.

Ms Melinda Alvarez, Assistant Principal

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #2, #6 & #8

From the Religious Education Coordinator

From the Religious Education Coordinator

The Lenten Journey Continues

How are you travelling through Lent this year? In his message for Lent 2021, Pope Francis asks for all to “experience Lent with love,” which “rejoices in seeing others grow.” The Pope said that one can give hope to others by being kind, sharing the “gift of a smile” or speaking a word of encouragement. May your Lenten journey be one that comforts, consols, strengthens and encourages others.

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic Education

Staff were presented with a pin celebrating 200 years of Catholic education in Australia. Thank you to House Liturgy Captains who led the College in our prayer at the Principal’s Assembly launching the celebration.

Year 12 Retreat


In Week 5, Year 12 students attended the Retreat at Le Rosey Mittagong in Houses.

The theme, Rejoice and Be Glad from the Gospel of Matthew 5:12 challenged the girls to seize the opportunity to celebrate life for all its beauty, chaos and joy. 


Thank you to Ms Kathryn White for her support in the preparation for the Retreat and leading Retreat 2. Thank you to the teachers who facilitated, led and supervised on the Retreats: Dr Ireland, who attended both Retreats, Ms Clarke, Mrs Criss, Mr Allen, Mr Greenwell, Mr Hodges, Mrs Del Moro, Ms O’Neill, Mrs Colreavy, Ms Vu, Ms Bloomfield, Mr Iskander, Ms Pulmbarit, Mr Hussey, Ms Wardle, Ms D’Netto and Ms Askew. Their professional and personal commitment to the retreat ensured the experience provided opportunities for students to grow in their faith.

Thank you to Fr Aliki Langi and Fr Greg Morgan who joined the Retreats and provided the opportunity for the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for students and then celebrated the Eucharist. These were very special opportunities for the students.

The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. 

Below are some responses from students to the question:






Over the days of the retreat I learnt/became aware of…….


  • Everyone has their own story/ connection to God
  • My positive qualities
  • How grateful I am for these opportunities
  • I learnt more about my own spirituality
  • Everyone has a story
  • The personal connection I have with God
  • The need to stress less and to be more positive
  • My relationship with God, ways to unwind and to bring myself back to the present
  • My positive traits
  • How much stress I was carrying
  • To journal
  • Comfortable silence
  • To meditate
  • A lot more gratitude
  • To look up at the stars
  • Speaking to God whenever I need to and presence of God in my life at all moments.






Miss Mary Kleist, Religious Education Coordinator

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2, #8 & #11

From the College Counsellor

Monica Rogenmoser, College Counsellor

What is emotion coaching?

Emotion Coaching is a communication style used by parents to support their child to regulate and to manage their stress responses. The aim of this style of communication is to show your daughter respect and understanding in moments when she feels misunderstood, upset or frustrated (www.gottman.com).

Dr John Gottman has conducted numerous studies around emotion coaching and has concluded that the key to good parenting lies in the understanding of the emotional source of problematic behaviour. You might be wondering what does this mean?

By supporting your daughter to master an understanding of emotions, learning to regulate them, you are aiding your daughter’s self-confidence and overall mental health.

At times children can express challenging emotions and behaviours that we can’t understand. Dr Gottman teaches to look beyond the behaviour and try and figure out the cause of their feelings and emotions. Emotion Coaching comprises of these five steps:

  1. Be aware of your daughter’s emotion
  2. Recognise your daughter’s expression of emotion as an opportunity to build on your relationship and teach them a new skill
  3. Show your daughter you are listening and let them know it is OK to feel that way
  4. Show her that you are really listening and acknowledging what she is saying
  5. Help your daughter give the feeling a name
  6. Help your daughter to verbally label the feeling (frustrated, sad, angry)
  7. Set limits while helping your daughter to problem solve
  8. Acknowledge that all feelings are OK, but certain behaviours are not
  9. Set limits on behaviours e.g. “I can see how angry you are with your brother. Its ok to be angry, but it is not ok to hit”
  10. Help your daughter to problem solve e.g., “what are some other ways you can communicate to your brother what you want?”

I encourage you to practice talking to your children about their feelings, and using these 5 steps to create strategies to navigate difficult emotional situations.

Conscious Parenting Program

A program starting soon with the aim to support parents in connecting with their teen, please see below:



Dear Parents of Teens

Are you struggling to connect with your young person or exhausted by challenging behaviours? You are warmly invited to Conscious Parenting for Parents of Teens – a new Monday night series which begins on March 8th at the Stanton Library (Conference Room Level 2) in North Sydney. The cost is $20 per session.

These evenings will look at the deeper truths inside the parenting journey and allow us to get fresh insights, inspiration and support no matter what’s happening at home you can make changes.

  • Parenting as a journey with it’s own unique process unique to every family and relationship.
  • The difference between empowered and disempowered parenting.
  • How your struggle mirrors your teens and what you can do differently that will shift the dynamic.
  • Guest speakers on a range of topics.

Spaces limited to 20 persons due to COVID.     Enrolment confirmed upon receipt of payment:

  • Direct Deposit: $20
  • Wende Jowsey
  • BSB: 032-114
  • Account number: 088414


If you wish to discuss the above or have any concerns about your young person please feel free to contact the College Counsellor, Monica Rogenmoser via monica.rogenmoser@syd.catholic.edu.au or ph: 0435 659 694


Miss Monica Rogenmoser, College Counsellor

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #2, #6 & #8

Sports News

MSCW Swimming Carnival Overall Results

A very big congratulations to all students for their outstanding participation at the recent Swimming Carnival. 

Congratulations to the 2021 AGE CHAMPIONS:

12 Years

Evie Lange

13 Years

Angela Lakic

14 Years

Ziani Viola

15 Years

Natasha Payne

17+ Years 

Abby Gibson


The 2021 Overall Champion House was Marcellin House.

Second Chanel House.

Third Chavoin House. 

The 2021 Participation shield was won by Chanel House.

Second Marcellin House.

Third Colin House.

Fourth Perroton House.

House Spirit Points was won by Jaricot House. 

Second Colin House.

Third Chavoin House. 

We are looking forward to the MSCW Athletics Carnival in Week 8.

MSCW Term 1 Sport Teams

Thank you to all students who trialled for Term 1 Sports teams over the last 4 weeks. 

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Marist Sisters’ College.

Please see the information below and contact details for any questions.

MCCS Ms Maeve Hurley      maeve.hurley@syd.catholic.edu.au

CGSSSA and NSW CCC   Ms Jocelyn Kemp      jocelyn.kemp@syd.catholic.edu.au


Open Waterpolo  (Yr 8-10)

MCCS Competition

Zara Chand (Yr 10)

Sofia Watts (Yr 10)

Victoria Moulang (Yr 10)

Tamara Jago (Yr 10)

Sheridan Vella (Yr 10)

Amelia Latham (Yr 9)

Caragh Price (Yr 9)

Elsie Gray (Yr 9)

Sienna Brown (Yr 9)

Isabel Dooley (Yr 9)

Angela Lakic (Yr 8)

Amy Linssen (Yr 8)


Junior Touch Football
(Under 15 years)

CGSSSA Competition

Open Touch Football
(16-18 years)

CGSSSA Competition

Leah Russell (Yr 9)

Ellie Barnett (Yr 9)

Gabbi Slater (Yr 9)

Amelie Fehir (Yr 9)

Georgia Southcombe (Yr 9)

Brianna Kelly (Yr 9)

Katie Kyneur (Yr 9 )

Matilda Gilbert (Yr 9)

Sienna Wheelhouse (Yr 9)

Maddison Tannous (Yr 9)

Gabriella Moar (Yr 8)

Miah O’ Shea (Yr 8)

Mia Rodgers (Yr 11)

Grace Fisher (Yr 11)

Alyssa Price (Yr 11)

Eliza Pratt (Yr 11)

Gisella Kusto (Yr 11)

Elisia Georges (Yr 11)

Tatum Kelly (Yr 11)

Lily Doyle (Yr 11)

Sophia Lloyd (Yr 11)

Georgina Kyneur (Yr 11)

Mackenzee Southcombe (Yr 11)

Holly Lloyd (Yr 10)



Congratulations to the students selected to represent MSCW in the CGSSSA Championships.

OPEN Cricket team (Yr 7-12)

CGSSSA Championships 

Gabriella Stanwix (Yr 12)

Chloe Barnett (Yr 12)

Kate Greenland (Yr 11)

Stevie Russell (Yr 11)

Elsie Gray (Yr 9)

Alicia Jordaan (Yr 9)

Lucinda Butler (Yr 8)

Lily Shaw (Yr 7)

Aliana Butler (Yr 7)


On a rainy Wednesday morning nine girls travelled to Queens park in Waverley to compete at the CGSSSA cricket tournament. The first game was against Bethany where we won comfortably, which was a great start to the day. Next, we played against OLMC where we lost which was unfortunate, but we kept our heads up. In the third game we played against MSJ where we won by 60 runs! We were handed another defeat from St. Clare’s for our last match in the group stage. After these rounds, we discovered that we had placed 2nd in our pool meaning that we were now in the semi-finals. We were up against Monte who had won the previous year against us in the grand final and were now defending their title. It was a tough game! Although we tried our best to beat the defending champs, we were unsuccessful.Overall, we all had a very enjoyable day, and hopefully next year we will be back again to beat Monte. Shoutout to Mr Iskander for travelling with and overseeing the team throughout the day! Legend!


Stevie Russell, Year 11 Student

MCCS Sport Results

Congratulations to the four teams that competed in Round 2 of the MCCS competition for Term 1. 

Although Touch and Volleyball were washed out in Round 2, Waterpolo went ahead. 

Please see the results and MVP (Most Valuable Player) for each team:




Touch Football

Week 4 – wash out

Week 5 – wash out


Week 4 – wash out 

Week 5 – wash out 


Waterpolo (Trial 2)

Open v Catherine MacAuley

Sofia Watts

(2 goals)


Due to current COVID requirements, parents/carers are unable to attend MCCS sporting events.  

Please note that it is College Policy that all students involved in sport off campus on Thursdays must return to College at the conclusion of the day.  Please contact Ms Maeve Hurley if you have any questions.

Representative Pathway for Elite Sportswomen 

Students may also trial for the CGSSSA representative team to compete at the NSW CCC and NSW All Schools. These trials are extremely competitive and they are designed for elite athletes. 

Please see information on the CSNSW website and discuss with Ms Kemp prior to registering.

Parents/Guardians must Register via the CSNSW.sport portal. 

For instructions on how to register go to Guide For Parents – Sport Registrations >>

Term One Individual Nominations Sport Registrations are now open for:

    • Water Polo – Girls – 15 March – Close 11 March
    • Hockey – Open Girls, 16s Girls – 22 March – Close 15 March
    • Diving – Girls – 29 March – Close 19 March
    • Swimming – ALL Swimmers selected in the MSCW Swim team must register.

For further information, go to the CSNSW Sport website Sport pages.

Ms Jocelyn Kemp and Ms Maeve Hurley
Sports Coordinators

Sports Co-Captains’ News

This year our first ‘Sports Snaps’ are given to Zara Chand, Bronte Fisher and Charlotte O’Brien in Year 10 who ran in the Sydney Marathon Club road race in January.  The girls had set themselves the goal of training together in order to achieve their own personal running goals and also to race in a competitive environment.


After 12 weeks of self-training, all 3 ran amazing races and are very proud of their accomplishments.  Charlotte raced in the 5km event, Bronte in the 10km and Zara ran an astounding 21km to complete her first half-marathon! Excellent work Zara, Bronte and Charlotte!



Please see us during Tutor Group time [Kora (CHN5), Abby (M7)] or email us to nominate you or a friend for the next Sports Snaps where we recognise sporting endeavours out of school.

Abby Gibson and Kora Villa
Sports Co-Captains

Year 7 2023 Enrolment Applications Closing Soon

Collection of Information Notice

From time to time the Australian Government collects information from schools.

Please refer to this information below. Parents are not required to do anything except ensure their details recorded with the College are up to date and correct. 

AGDESE Collection Notice for Parents Guardians.pdf

NSW Health Vaccination Clinic Schedule

HNOM Parish Mission/Retreat 6-13 March

Sacrament of Confirmation

St Ambrose Parish Concord West will celebrate its Sacrament of Confirmation on 21 May @ 7pm and 22 May 2021 at 11am and 2.00 pm. If you would like to register for this Sacrament please contact Megan Harris on 97431023 on Thursdays or Fridays or email: sacraments@stambrose.org.au

Registration forms can also be picked up from the Church.  Registrations are due on Monday 12 March 2021.

Faith Through Film at HNOM Parish

Bishop Richard Umbers Lenten Art Competition

Click here for further details for the Lenten Art Competition:

Lowes 20% Off Schoolwear Sale

Take advantage of this Sale that includes everything in LOWES stores including Schoolwear, it’s a great opportunity!


MSCW Post School Pathways Site

Check out our dedicated Post School Pathways at:  https://www.mscwpsp.com/

The link is available via the COMPASS Portal (under the Star Menu).

MSCW School TV

Check out our Wellbeing resource for parents and carers at: https://mscw.nsw.schooltv.me/

The link is available via the COMPASS Portal (under the Star Menu).



Canteen News

Volunteers are needed in the Canteen on a Friday for Recess and Lunch

Any amount of time you have to assist the Canteen Staff would be much appreciated. New volunteers please sms your details to the Canteen Mobile on 0457593920. Thank you.

Canteen menu during lent

During lent there are no meat products sold in the Canteen.

specials FOR TERM 1

Weekly specials available on Wednesday and Thursday
All lunch orders need to be in by 8:30am.

Week 7 – Wednesday & Thursday 10 & 11 March 2021

Beef Ravioli

– Napolitana sauce with parmesan                                           



Week 8 – Wednesday & Thursday 17 & 18 March 2021


–  Salsa, cheese & guacamole dip