5 February 2021 - 2 May 2021
From the Principal

From the Principal

Welcome Back to the 2021 School Year!

I would especially like to welcome our new Year 7 students and their families, with a warm welcome to students who are joining our Marist College community for the first time.  

Following the official letter to the College community from Sydney Catholic Schools, I am delighted to acknowledge again the appointment of our new Assistant Principal, Mrs Melinda Alvarez. Mrs Alvarez’s caring nature and sharp eye for curriculum supports her commitment to setting high expectations for all students to succeed. This appointment has been made following the resignation of Ms Taliana at the end of 2020. Ms Taliana has joined the Sydney Catholic Schools Staff in the position of Specialist: School Operations Unit. I thank Ms Taliana for her time and dedication to the role of Assistant Principal at MSCW from 2016 – 2020.

I would also like to warmly welcome Ms Jennifer Dove to the College Leadership Team in the role of Instructional Specialist.

This role primarily focuses on the instruction of teaching and learning, being a mentor and coach, as well as modelling effective classroom pedagogy to building the capacity of staff.

We have been fortunate to recruit a quality group of new staff. As a community, we welcome the following new members of staff:

Teaching Staff

Mr Allen – Chavoin House Coordinator & HSIE teacher
Ms Andrews – TAS Teacher
Mr Cancino – Music & VET Entertainment Teacher                           
Miss Cleggett – Assistant Science Coordinator
Ms Criss – Marcellin House Coordinator & Mathematics teacher
Ms Colreavy – RE Teacher
Mr d’Archy – Science Coordinator
Miss D’Netto – RE Teacher (Term 1 & 2)
Miss Dunne – PDHPE Teacher (Term 1)                       
Mr El-Hage – PDHPE Coordinator
Mr Greenwell – Jaricot House Coordinator & HSIE teacher
Ms Muller – Assistant Leader of Wellbeing & HSIE teacher
Ms Musumeci – Visual Arts Teacher                       
Miss Pender – PDHPE Teacher (Term 1)
Miss Pulumbarit – Assistant Maths Coordinator                           
Ms Watson – Assistant HSIE Coordinator

Support Staff

Mrs Carollo – Student Office
Dr Gibbons – Science Lab Assistant                      
Mrs Stitt – Teacher Aide
Miss Rosenmoger – College Counsellor
Mrs Walls – Attendance Office

I welcome back Mr Will Naicker who was on leave in 2020.

Click here for the New Staff Introductions

High Achievers Assembly

The HSC Class of 2020 were acknowledged on Wednesday at our annual High Achievers’ Assembly. I particularly note Sandrine Maximous as our Dux with an ATAR of 98.85, as well as equal first place in Legal Studies and Modern History in the Archdiocese. Further achievements are included in the HSC Highlights in Mrs Alvarez’s article.

Dr Ireland, Dux Sandrine Maximous and Ms Alvarez









Congratulations to all our HSC Students!

On Wednesday we were very fortunate to have ex-students Courtney Millar (Class of 2014) and Stefanie Caccamo (Class of 2013) at our Assembly. After graduating from MSCW each of these students have gone on to successfully explore their passion in the performing arts. At the College Assembly, Courtney and Stephanie shared their experiences of being a Marist girl as well as helpful suggestions for our girls to tackle life’s journey. Their Assembly addresses helped inspire each student to be a courageous Marist woman of action, taking charge of her own destiny. It is our actions and choices in life that reveal who we are and what we value. A great message for our Marist girls. Here at Marist Sisters’ College every student has the opportunity to emulate these achievements.


Holiday Campus Upgrades

Over the holiday period the following building and maintenance upgrades were completed:

  • Re-location of Counsellor’s Offices 
  • Gardens & green wall garden replenished
  • Curriculum equipment (TAS, VA, VET, PDHPE) serviced & repaired as needed
  • Fire equipment tested
  • Rotten timber benches on The Flat removed
  • Pressure washing Cerdon Plaza and the terraces & walkways
  • Room signage updated
  • Annual service and compliance testing completed.

These improvements continue to ensure that Marist Sisters’ College maintains excellent teaching, learning and recreation facilities.


Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions there is still limited access for large numbers of parents to access the College grounds. The following events will be still proceed either using live streaming or zoom. Specific details of these events with login details will be provided at a later time closer to the event.

  • Year 11 Principal Welcome to Senior Studies Zoom: Monday 8 February 7.00pm
  • Opening College Mass: Wednesday 10 February, 9.00am – Live streamed

Welcome again to 2021 and I look forward to a productive and successful year ahead. 

Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2, #8 

From the Assistant Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Welcome to the 2021 school year. 

I am looking forward to a year of great achievements and participation for all students at Marist Sisters’ as they take up the many opportunities that are offered to them this year and feel extremely  privileged to be working with the Marist community as the Assistant Principal.  

I take this opportunity to welcome all of our new students and parents and of course, those familiar faces returning for a new year of learning and growth. 

High Achievers’ Assembly

This week we celebrated the considerable success of the High Achievers of the Class of 2020 and as a learning community we are proud of what these girls have achieved. Whilst there were some truly outstanding individual achievements, as a community we are also justified to celebrate the success of  92% of all courses studied being above the average across the state – a cohort of 77,000 students. In 2020 our Year 12 students achieved 114 Band 6 results, (a HSC Course Mark of 90 or greater), shared amongst 53 students. This represents achievement of at least one Band 6 result by 34 % of the year group. The High Achievers’ Assembly recognised 28 students with an ATAR over 90 as well as other significant academic achievement. We recognise the outstanding success of the College Dux for 2020 and congratulate Sandrin Maximous with an ATAR of 98.85.

Please click here to see our High Achievers


Keys to Success in Learning and Happiness at School

As we begin this new year, I take this opportunity to remind parents/carers and students of the keys to success in learning and happiness at school.


Attendance in class is one of the most critical aspects of learning. Deep learning is relational and relies on the interaction between the learner and the teacher, and the learner and other learners. Not being in class has significant impact on how the learner is able to process new knowledge and skill acquired, and then to process in such a way as to be able to draw significant meaning and understanding. Being in class is not just a legal requirement, but an essential element in the learning process.

Personal Presentation

I would like to congratulate most students and their families on the way in which they have presented themselves on return to the College this week. The wearing of the College uniform reflects our College to the wider community and the expectation therefore, is that all students maintain a high standard of neatness while wearing our uniform. It is important that all students adhere to our expectations and in advance I wish to thank all of the parents and carers for their support in this matter.

Mobile Phones

I would like to remind students that there is to be no use of mobile devices from the time a student enters the College gates until the final bell at 3:15pm. Where a student needs to make contact with home/parents during the course of the school day, students should attend the General Administration Office to use the College phone or seek permission to use their mobile device in Pieta Place. Please be reminded that messaging or texting on a mobile device is inappropriate and will result in devices being confiscated.

My best wishes to each student and each family as we begin our year together in 2021! 

Ms Melinda Alvarez, Assistant Principal

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #2, #6 & #8

From the Religious Education Coordinator

From the Religious Education Coordinator

A warm welcome to all in our College community as we commence our new school year. I trust you had a rest-filled holiday break spending time with family and friends. It has been wonderful seeing the students start back at school this week. We are blessed to be part of a lively school community. 

We look forward to the year in hope as we continue to celebrate our Catholic faith and spirituality which is an important facet of our College community. Part of our core work as educators in Catholic schools is to work in partnership with you in educating the whole person. We look forward to doing that through our Religious Education programs and through our faith experiences such as prayer, liturgical celebrations and Marists in Action group.

Opening College Mass

The Opening College Mass will be celebrated at the College on Wednesday 10 February.

Diary Dates

As we prepare for the season of Lent (Week 4) the College will celebrate Ash Wednesday on the 17 February with an ashes liturgy in Houses. 

Meat products will not be available for purchase from the canteen on Ash Wednesday or Fridays in Lent to support our sisters who choose to abstain from meat during  Lent.

Year 12 students will be attending the Retreat at Le Rosey, The Hermitage Mittagong in Week 5.

As we begin this new College year, may we be open to God working in and through us.


Miss Mary Kleist, Religious Education Coordinator

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2, #8 & #11

From the Leader of Wellbeing

Welcome back to our MSCW community as we commence the new school year. The year has certainly commenced with many fun filled initiatives from a Wellbeing lens.  We continue to work collaboratively within our community to assist each student in helping them to find their compass throughout their journey at the College. 

The wellbeing of today’s youth has never been more challenging

(Michael Carr-Gregg)

To commence the beginning of 2021, the College hosted two significant days as a means of supporting the needs of our students as they prepare for the year ahead. These two days were most valuable: Year 7 Welcome Day and the Year 11 Transition Day. Our aim was to provide an opportunity to foster good relationships, prepare the girls for the year(s) ahead and suggest appropriate strategies and tips to help the transition process. A special thank you must be extended to the Wellbeing Team – under the direction of Ms Gemma Muller (our new Assistant Leader of Wellbeing) and all the House Co-ordinators in preparing and facilitating a fun day! It is also important that we acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our Student Leaders who kindly offered their time to lead some of the activities. As usual they demonstrated their Marist spirit in staying true to our ethos of exercising their “Goodness Above All”.

Please help me in welcoming our new House Co-ordinators. They are extremely committed to supporting the social and emotional wellbeing needs of your daughters and facilitating their development and growth throughout the time at the College. In the coming week, each House Coordinator will be sending an email introducing themselves. Our 2021 House Coordinators are: 

Assistant Leader of Wellbeing:  Ms Gemma Muller
Chavoin:  Mr Joshua Allen
Chanel:  Ms Sophie Wardle
Colin:      Mrs Carol Bloomfield
Jaricot:    Mr David Greenwell
Marcellin:  Mrs Carolyn Criss
Perroton:   Mr Tim Hussey

Our other new additional member to the Wellbeing team is College Counsellor – Ms
Monica Rogenmoser who has replaced Becky Salter. Monica comes with significant expertise in the area of understanding and supporting the various needs of young adolescents. Please feel free to reach out to her should you wish to speak with about the concerns that you may have regarding your daughter(s).

In moving forward this year, the vision for Wellbeing at the College is to continue to foster good relationships whilst affirming the interdependence that exists between Learning and Wellbeing. Research is very clear in stating the students will not thrive, flourish nor engage in their learning if they are not at their optimal best. Therefore the question needs to be asked “how well do we know our learner? How well do we know our students?”. To assist us in better understanding our students and their specific needs, we need to be actively engaging in conversations with them. 

Save the Date: My Marist Compass Goals
Wednesday 10 March 2021

This whole school initiatives continues to bridge the fundamental union of student learning with wellbeing through the process of goals setting. The benefits clearly articulate that it assists in developing self-directed learners, builds positive self-esteem, enables good decision making and prompts problem solving whilst feeling a greater sense of achievement.

On Wednesday 10 March 2021 8.30am – 7pm, Tutor/parent & student will be involved in a 3 way 20 min interviewed by your child in their Tutor room here at the College. There will be no classes on this day, however it is a mandatory expectation that each student between Year 7-12 will attend via ZOOM with their parent(s) to discuss their proposed goals.

More details to come!

Save the Date: The Sleep Connection Parent Forum Tuesday 16 February 2021 7 – 8pm

Lisa Maltman is a well recognised clinician from The Sleep Connection whom specialises in sleep. She will be presenting via zoom “The importance of developing effective sleep hygiene practice”. Specifically she will be covering how to promote healthy sleeping habits for young people whilst understanding the impact that sleep has on a one’s mental health and resilience.

School TV 

This is a new, informative online resource that is designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies. Please peruse at your leisure SchoolTV website that is accessible via the MSCW Cloudshare page & via COMPASS (Star Icon > More Favourites).

Here’s to a wonderful start to 2021!!

Mrs Sia Mastro, Leader of Wellbeing

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #6 & #8 

Study Skills Tip for February – Why do we have to do Homework?

Homework, or Home Learning as some schools now prefer to call it, serves many purposes. It may be to consolidate or check or extend the learning from the day, or prepare for the learning to come in subsequent days. It could be to do with longer term work such as assignments or preparing for tests and examinations. Ultimately it comes back to what school is all about – learning. And learning not just about learning content, but learning and developing skills. At times students feel that the work they are doing at school is not relevant to their lives, however sometimes we need to look beyond the content to the purpose of the learning exercise. At times the content will be a vehicle to teach particular skills. Much of what we learn in Mathematics develops the problem solving circuits in our brain. When you are analysing Shakespeare you are learning not just about Shakespeare, but to think critically and expand your point of view and broaden your experience of the world through examination of different lives, emotions and experiences. The message is that everything you learn at school has purpose and value, even if you can’t always quite see it at the time.

There is much debate in the media as to the value of homework. In primary school it has been shown that only a small amount of students actually benefit from doing homework in terms of academic achievement. The exception to this is reading at home – every student benefits from this. However, other benefits can’t be discounted: developing independent working skills, establishing study routines necessary for learning in later years, helping students master things they are struggling with and allowing parental involvement.

In secondary school, homework has been proven to be an essential component of academic success in the senior years. The reality of Year 11 and 12 is that a large component of independent learning needs to be undertaken at home. One of the biggest problems for students transitioning to the senior years is that they have not learnt to work effectively and efficiently in the home environment. This is why developing good habits and learning to do at least a solid hour a day of home study is essential in Years 7-10. It is also about developing the qualities of discipline and perseverance, both essential for senior studies. Students will not like every subject equally, so students need to learn how to make themselves do the work even for their least favourite subjects.

What can you do this year to manage your homework effectively? Try these top tips:

  1. GET ORGANISED STRAIGHT AWAY: As soon as you get home unpack your bag before you have a break and something to eat. Lay out all the work first. It is easier to get started if you have everything ready to go.
  2. PRIORITISE AND PLAN: Before you start work, write a list of what needs to be done and decide what order you will do it. Focus on what is most important, not just what subject you like best!  Also write down how long you think each task will take to do.
  3. DEVELOP THINKING PATHWAYS: Keep in your mind that it is all about learning. Try and look beyond the actual content to what type of skill this homework might be developing in you – analysing, critical thinking, writing skills, or problem-solving skills for example.
  4. CHUNK TIME INTO FOCUSED BLOCKS: Do your work in 20-30 minute blocks with no distractions during that time. So switch off the TV, turn off your phone for that 20-30 minutes. When you just focus on the work that needs to be done you’ll be amazed at how much work you complete. Of course if you are on a roll, you can keep going past the 30 minutes.
  5. ALTERNATE AND CHIP AWAY: If there is a task you really don’t want to do then alternate this with a task you enjoy doing. For example, 15 minutes on the homework you like, 5 minutes on the homework you don’t like. When you chip away at it you will be surprised how quickly you get through the work. 

Ms Melinda Alvarez, Assistant Principal

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #2, #6 & #8

Sports News

Welcome back to an exciting term of Sport at MSCW! 

It will be a busy term with both the College Swimming and Athletics carnivals this term and the usual Year 7-10 Thursday sport and representative competitions starting in Week 3.  

The College is a part of CGSSSA (Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Sport Association) and MCCS (Metropolitan Catholic Colleges Sports Associations). CGSSSA and MCCS provide students with the opportunity to compete against other schools in our region. Participation in CGSSSA Championship events provide a pathway for selection in NSWCCC (Combined Catholic Colleges) teams. MCCS is a part of our weekly Thursday Sport program where each term students have an opportunity to compete in a different sport. 

Please see the information below and contact details for any questions.

MCCS  Ms Maeve Hurley
CGSSSA and NSW CCC Ms Jocelyn Kemp

Sport news will be distributed to students via COMPASS, the College’s Newsletter and announcements at assemblies.  

Years 7-10 Thursday Sports Program

Term 1 

On Thursday sport days, all students must wear their full PE uniform to/from school and bring their MSCW sport cap.  Students should check their emails/COMPASS for details about sport groups.

Year 7 and 9 Sport every Day 4 (Week 1 of Timetable)
Year 8 and 10 Sport every Day 9 (Week 2 of Timetable)



Year 7     

Year 8  

Year 9  

Year 10 

Multi Sports

AFL Skills



Flag Gridiron

Cricket Skills



Learn to Dragon Boat

Learn to Dragon Boat

Tae Kwon do

European Handball

NSW Football Skills

Touch Football


Power Walk


Jazz/Funk Dance

Fitness Games

Circuit Training

Acro Dance

Acro Dance 




Representative Sport

Teams will be selected to represent the College for the MCCS and CGSSSA competitions.  Students will be required to sign up for trials and attend trials as advised via Compass notifications. Students are to wear their PE uniform for trials.  Trials for the following teams will be held during Weeks 2-3:

MCCS Term 1 (Students leave the College 12noon EVERY Thursday and return by 4pm)

MCCS Sport

Start Date

Finishing Date



Junior team Yrs 7 & 8

Open team Yrs 9 & 10

Week 3

Week 11

Doyle Park

North Parramatta

Touch Football

Junior team Yrs 7 & 8

Open team Yrs 9 & 10

Week 3

Week 11

Doyle Park

North Parramatta


(Open /Yrs 7-10 team)

Week 2

Week 11


Contact Ms Hurley for MCCS questions.

CGSSSA Term 1 

CGSSSA Championship carnivals will be held throughout the year in various sports.  

Students will be required to sign up for trials and attend trials as advised via COMPASS notifications. 

Term 1 Sports




12 February

Stanhope Gardens 


17 February

Queens Park Randwick 

Touch Football

24 February

Parade Grounds Centennial Park 


9 March 

Ryde Aquatic

Contact Ms Kemp via email for CGSSSA questions

Representative Pathway for Elite Sportswomen

Students may also trial for the CGSSSA representative team to compete at the NSW CCC and NSW All Schools. These trials are extremely competitive and they are designed for elite athletes. Please see information on the CSNSW website. Students are to discuss with Ms Kemp prior to registering.

Parents/carers must register via the CSNSW.sport portal. 

For instructions on how to register go to Guide For Parents – Sport Registrations >>

Term 1 Individual Nominations Sport Registrations are now open for:

  • Cricket – 15 Years Girls – 15 February – Close 10 February
  • Softball – Girls – 22 February – Close 12 February
  • Tennis –  Girls – 1 March – Close 22 February
  • Golf – Girls – 8 March – Close 25 February
  • Volleyball – Girls – 10 March  – Close 5 March
  • Water Polo – Girls – 15 March – Close 11 March
  • Hockey – Open Girls, 16s Girls – 22 March – Close 15 March
  • Diving – Girls – 29 March – Close 19 March
  • Swimming and Touch Football registrations are through the Diocesan/Association pathways.

For further information, please refer to the CSNSW Sport website Sport pages

Sports Trials

Trials have commenced this week and students must check emails/ask Sport Coordinators for further details. Teams will be finalised by Tuesday of Week 3 and students will be notified. Students are required to wear the PE uniform for trials. 

These include the following;

  • MCCS Touch Football Years 7 – 10
  • MCCS Volleyball Trials Years 7 -10
  • CGSSSA Softball Years 7 – 12
  • CGSSSA Cricket Years 7 – 12.


Please see the next College Newsletter for details.  

Ms Jocelyn Kemp and Ms Maeve Hurley, Sports Coordinators

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #6 & #8 

Marists in Action

St Josephine Bakhita

This coming Monday, the 8th of February, marks the feast day of St Josephine Bakhita, the Patron Saint of victims of human trafficking and modern slavery. Bakhita was born in Sudan in 1869, and after being kidnapped at the age of nine, spent twenty years enslaved in both Sudan and Italy, before being freed by an Italian court in 1889. She was baptised soon after this event, after discovering a strong connection to God whilst still a slave. St Josephine is regarded as a modern victim of enslavement due to the fact that slavery had been outlawed in Sudan prior to her capture in 1878, and thus was not legally permissable as part of an archaic tradition. 

The legacy of St Josephine and her patronage is still an important one in our modern day. In 2016, it was estimated that approximately 40.3 million people were living in modern slavery, 

This may seem far from the reality of us in Australia, but we are all closer to this issue than we believe. The Global Slavery Index suggested that in 2018 there were 15,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in our country, and many of us utilise products which benefit from the use of slave labour every day. The beauty, fast fashion and caffeine sectors are particular proponents of this, with many primary materials being sourced using child labour such as micah, cotton, cacao and coffee beans, often without the knowledge of the general population.

Marists in Action have placed posters around the school with some suggestions of how we can all, as Marist women of action, help to eradicate this issue. 

Caitlin Neal-Bartier, Year 11 Student



Ms Kathryn White, Assistant RE Coordinator

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2, #8 

Jarnosse News – New Opening Hours

Jarnosse will now be open until 5.30pm Monday through Thursday for girls wishing to access library resources or work after school in a quiet space.


So until further notice, our new hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 8.15am to 5.30pm

Friday: 8.15am to 4.00pm

Mrs Prue Nelson, Teacher-Librarian

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter  #8

Clothing Pool News

The Clothing Pool is available ONLINE through Flexischools

Simply log into your account and select the Marist Sisters’ College Shop>Clothing Pool Order tab on the home page. 

You will be directed to a page with all items available for sale, prices, payment method and delivery dates.

Orders close each Wednesday at 4pm and items will be delivered to your daughter’s classroom each Thursday. Should you miss the order cut off for the week your order will go into the next week’s order cycle. 

If you do not already have an account with Flexischools simply go to www.flexischools.com.au and follow the steps to open an account.

Canteen News

Volunteers are needed in the Canteen on a Friday for Recess and Lunch

Any amount of time you have to assist the Canteen Staff would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Weekly specials available on Wednesday and Thursday
All lunch orders need to be in by 8:30am.

Week 3 – Wednesday & Thursday 10 Feb 2021 & 11 Feb 2021
Chicken Caesar Salad
– lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan & dressing



Week 4 – Wednesday & Thursday 17 Feb 2021 & 18Feb 2021
Greek Salad
– tomato, cucumber, olives, feta, oregano, shallots, dressing


Week 5 – Wednesday & Thursday 24 Feb 2021 & 25 Feb 2021
– salsa, cheese, guacamole dip


Week 6 – Wednesday & Thursday 3 Mar 2021 & 4 Mar 2021

Greek salad
– tomato, cucumber, olives, feta, oregano, shallots, dressing



Road Safety

Please take a moment to review this information about road safety.