11 June 2021 - 6 November 2021
From the Principal

From the Principal

Ms Stephanie Dito, HSIE teacher

This week we welcome to our staff Ms Stephanie Dito, HSIE teacher. Stephanie is replacing Ms Charlotte Askew.

We wish Stephanie well as she joins our Marist community. 

MSCW Shine in Recent Competitions!

Congratulations! 1st Place to our Senior Stage/Concert Band. 

Congratulations to our Senior Stage/Concert Band who received First Place in the recent Sydney Catholic Schools Eisteddfod. Special thanks to Mr Joel Richardson who conducts the band. 

The Senior Stage/Concert Band


Last Friday night, our debating teams completed the last round of the general competition for CSDA Debating. Well done to all teams for their regular commitment to debating. Their confidence, determination and improvement in skills has been very evident. The skills built through debating allow students to develop their creative and critical thinking as well as writing skills – skills needed across all curriculum domains.

Congratulations to the 8A and 10A teams who are now through to the elimination rounds starting next week. 

Thanks to Mrs Rachael Colreavy and her energetic team of adjudicators and coaches, as well as student chairs and timekeepers, for their ongoing time commitment and facilitation. I particularly thank our ex-students, Polly Hancock, Alexia Trani and Jacqueline Michalopolous and Marist ex-students, Lachlan Moses and Lachlan Good, for supporting as coaches and adjudicators. My thanks also extend to our faithful parent community who have encouraged the teams and supported their daughters each week. 

Good luck to our 8A and 10A teams!


Our Chess Competition concludes tonight. Well done to all the students who have competed this year. Your commitment and enthusiasm each week has certainly improved your strategic thinking skills. The “Queen’s Gambit” is alive and well in Woolwich! Special thanks to Ms Gabby Formosa, who has facilitated the competition and supported the students each week. 

Marist Girls at the Secondary Schools’ Student Leadership Program

On Wednesday 26 May, Claire Millar and Jacinta Bechara, were invited to spend the day at the 2021 Secondary Schools Student Leadership Program at Parliament and Government House. During the day we were given the opportunity to further expand our knowledge of our system of government and parliamentary proceedings, as well as the role of the Governor. We met five members of parliament from different seats of NSW and were able to discuss with them the highlights of being a parliamentarian and the most rewarding aspects of the job. Additionally, we were able to pose questions like “how can we as young adults take steps to become involved in our local government?”

Following our question time, we were given a guided tour of Parliament House, visiting both the lower and upper houses while discovering the integral roles both play in our state’s legislative process. At Government House we saw the traditional furnishings and artwork dating back to the late 19th century. There we were addressed by the Chief Secretary of NSW, Mr Micheal Miller, followed by the Governor of NSW, Her Excellency The Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC.

During this time, we were able to ask them questions about their journey’s in politics, experiences they have had in their roles and challenges they have had to overcome. We asked her Excellency the question “what has been the most challenging part in becoming the Governor of NSW?” She told us that it was all the new things that she had to learn, from salutes to the appropriate way to greet certain people and the ability to recite the NSW Constitution.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for us as young leaders and we would like to thank Dr Ireland for this opportunity.

Claire Miller and Jacinta Bechara, Year 12 Students

Dr Anne Ireland, Principal

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From the Assistant Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Thank you to the many parents who have responded to the ‘Tell Them From Me’ survey that was issued recently. This is a significant opportunity for our parent community to provide the College with constructive annual feedback, and it continues to help inform the College’s strategic plans.  Students have also had the opportunity to provide feedback to the College via a similar process. Once again, this important feedback is discussed and is taken into consideration when the College develops its new plans for the future.

If you are yet to have completed the survey, there is an opportunity to do so still. Please see your COMPASS app for the Tell Them From Me Survey notification, which provides you with the link.

College Winter Uniform

Thank you to families that have assisted the College in having students attired in their full winter uniform. Generally, students are wearing their uniform correctly. However, there has been an increase in some students wearing:

  1. Sports uniform rather than the school winter uniform.
  2. Hoodies/skivvies/long sleeve shirts and other jumpers under blouses and shirts.

Both of the above are not in line with College policy and we would ask parents to assist us in monitoring this. Beanies have also started to be worn, and again, this is not part of the College uniform policy. We continue to thank the large majority of students and their families for doing the right thing around this and encourage all students to be consistent when wearing the College uniform.

Years 7-10 Parent Student Teacher Conferences  

The conferences that have been scheduled for Year 7-10 provide an opportunity for you to speak to your daughter’s teachers about her academic progress for each course. In preparation for these conferences, all students will complete the Learning Reflection document for each subject. These are accessed via each subject’s Google Classroom page. The conference experience is intended to be a positive one and of benefit to each students’ learning, with the opportunity for teachers to provide meaningful and targeted feedback.


Ms Melinda Alvarez, Assistant Principal

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From the Religious Education Coordinator

From the Religious Education Coordinator

St Paul wrote in his letter to the early Church in Ephesus:

that to know the love of God is better than all knowledge. God’s love is greater than our understanding. But we know that we are loved and God has more love for us to experience.

During this ‘ordinary time of the liturgical year’, may we continue to be open to experience God’s love in our lives.

St Therese Denistone Stage 3 Retreat









Madeline and Rebecca of Year 11 helped facilitate and present the St Therese Denistone Stage 3 Retreat, which was on the theme, “The Love of God Impels Us…” 

The following are excerpts from an email from Mr Justin Salar, REC at St Therese Denistone, following the retreat:

“I would just like to highly commend your Marist secondary students for how they conducted themselves yesterday. Madeline and Rebecca from Marist Sisters’ Woolwich, really showcased ‘Witness’, articulated themselves and represented your College. The St Therese Denistone Stage Three students highly benefited from your secondary students’ presence.”

Year 9 Reflection Day

The theme of the Year 9 Reflection Day was Women of Fire! Women of Courage!

Students participated in activities on women in our Marist story. Special guest presenters were Mr Chris Nolan of Caritas Australia and Sr Noelene Simmons, Marist Sister and a member of ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans). Thank you to the staff who supported the day: Mrs Criss, Ms White, Ms Pender, Mr Hodges, Ms D’Netto, Ms Vu and Ms Poli.

Year 10 Reflection Day

The theme of the Year 10 Reflection Day was “Who will speak if you don’t? The students were challenged to be women of action by Sr Noelene Simmons, Marist Sister and a member of ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans) and Mr Chris Nolan of Caritas Australia. Thank you to the staff who supported the day: Mr Allen, Ms White, Ms Pender, Mrs Watson, Ms D’Netto, Mrs Colreavy and Ms Poli.

Year 7 Mass

Thank you to Fr Kevin Bates for the celebration of the Mass with Year 7. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to celebrate as a Year group.

Miss Mary Kleist, Religious Education Coordinator

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From the College Counsellor

Vaping and Young People

Vaping is relatively new in Australia, with largely unknown long-term health effects. Current use among 18-24 year-olds has gone up from 2.8 to 5.3 per cent in three years. For the whole population, 1.1 per cent vape daily, compared to 0.5 per cent in 2016, according to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey.

Whilst vaping amongst young people in Australia has increased only slightly, it is useful knowing what it is and its potential impacts on young people’s health.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the inhaling of a vapor created by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or another vaping device. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that have cartridges filled with liquid. The liquid is heated into a vapour, hence the name ‘vaping’. The substances that can be vaped include nicotine, nicotine-free ‘e-liquids’ made from a mixture of solvents, sweeteners, and other chemicals and flavourings, and other drugs such as THC (cannabis).

The first generation of devices resembled cigarettes and were mostly disposable. The second-generation devices looked like pens, were rechargeable, and used cartridges or tanks for the liquid. The third generation, known as ‘mods’, are larger devices with bigger batteries and refillable tanks. The current generation of devices or ‘pods’ are much smaller, often resembling USB sticks, which can be charged in a laptop USB port*.

What do we know?

Nicotine is highly addictive and can slow brain development in children and teens and affect memory, concentration, learning, self-control, attention and mood.

Young people who vape nicotine are exposed to a toxic chemical that can harm adolescent brain development (the brain continues to develop until the age of 25) and lead to dependence. There is also some evidence that vaping nicotine is associated with later tobacco use among teenagers. The international evidence is emerging of a possible link between the use of e-cigarettes and lung disease.

Supposed ‘nicotine-free e-liquids can still contain traces of nicotine and a mix of widely varying unregulated chemicals and additives that are potentially harmful. Some chemicals found include heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (common in paint and cleaning products), and cancer-causing chemicals.

The advertising and promotion of vaping products in Australia is illegal. Companies have found other ways to target young people by glamourising their products to seem cool or fun and creating flavours that appeal to young people. They are also significantly more affordable than cigarettes. The products are easily accessible through online shopping and are also attractive to young people as they are discreet. It would be easy for a young person to vape at home and in school undetected.

What can you do?

Young people who try vaping or who are regular users may be unaware of what they are putting into their bodies and the potential harm. Approach the topic calmly and arm yourself with information. It can be helpful to focus on health and explain your concerns. Try to avoid exaggerated statements, judging or lecturing. Talk about how you care about them and be honest about potential harms. For more information and facts around vaping, go to https://adf.org.au/talking-about-drugs/parenting/vaping-youth/


If you would like to discuss the above or have any concerns about your daughter, please feel free to contact the College Counsellor, Louise Scuderi via louise.scuderi@syd.catholic.edu.au or Monica Rogenmoser via monica.rogenmoser@syd.catholic.edu.au or 0435 659 694.

Ms Louise Scuderi, College Counsellor

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Winter Sleepout for St Vincent de Paul

Last Friday, the annual MSCW Winter Sleepout took place. This night gave the Woolwich girls the opportunity to have a glimpse into the realities and hardships of homelessness for many people in Sydney. The evening commenced with two guest speakers from St Vincent de Paul, Jennifer Aduckiewicz and Cathy Langman, who shared statistics about homelessness in our local area and the struggles many of these people face. This was followed by some activities conducted by the Marists in Action leadership team, including a ‘privilege walk’. This moment allowed students to recognise their privilege in various degrees and come together to reflect on how fortunate we really are.

We braved the winter cold on Cerdon Plaza to share a meal of noodles and a bread roll for dinner. This time in the cold allowed us to especially understand how challenging it must be for those facing homelessness in winter. After some downtime spent bonding with students and teachers, all that was left was a night’s rest on the floor of Bon Repos. Although not the best night’s sleep, this uncomfortable night gave us a window into homeless people’s lives and made everyone grateful for their beds. Through this event, students gained a sense of gratitude for their blessings and saw the struggles many homeless people faced. Each student who participated also donated $10, which goes directly towards supporting the St Vincent de Paul homelessness services in our local community. A very big thank you to the teachers who were with us throughout the initiative!

Charlotte Broeking – Social Justice Co-Captain

Ancient History Excursion

Recently, Year 11 and 12 Ancient History students accompanied Miss Vu on an excursion to the newly constructed Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney.  We were greeted by an enthusiastic archaeologist called Fran. Fran, a professor in Ancient Greek and Roman culture, was our guide around the museum for the day. She walked us through a wide range of artifacts and spoke about their significance to ancient society. We were briefed on the Ancient Egyptian mummification process and their belief in the afterlife, and how the characters in the Trojan War were represented as butterflies by taxonomists from the 1700s.  Additionally, we heard how archaeologists examine remains through CT Scans to ensure minimum damage and saw the city of Pompeii resembled through an intricate lego structure.

After an enjoyable walk and lunch on campus, we met with Fran for the final time, heard the story of Emperor Augustus, analysed his breastplate in detail, and how the figures decorating it revealed his militaristic power. Finally, as a group, we held and analysed ancient artefacts, some remodelled and others originals, and were asked to draw an artefact and answer questions regarding its make. Throughout the experience, we all absorbed Fran’s extensive knowledge and expertise and received a greater understanding of the ancient world. Thank you to Miss Vu and the girls for an unforgettable experience. 

Abigail Templeton, Year 11 Student

Ms Jenny Vu, HSIE Teacher

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Visual Arts News

Aleighya Galeb, a Year 10 Visual Arts student, completed some personal jobs for clients during the last holidays. She has painted an amazing and highly stylized canvas, a series of intricately painted flowers in an entry of an executive home, chalkboards for a local cafe and an ‘Arnold’ painting in the family home gym. 

Aleighya’s participation in developing individual projects that contain clearly articulated aims and workable timelines is an example of independent learning. 

Aleighya explores the ability to innovate and think outside the box using creative and critical thinking skills. We are proud of the passion and the gifts Aleighya has been able to share with us. Her creativity and commitment to the arts are beyond words. Her business name is ‘Art-it-ect’ by Aleighya, in which she also has several jobs lined up for the upcoming school holidays. 

Congratulations on this fine achievement.


Mrs Helen Landas, Creative Arts Coordinator

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Gifted and Talented Report

The Sydney Catholic Schools Gifted and Talented Policy opens with this quote from the Gospel of John.

‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’ John 10:10

As an opening statement, it clearly sets the standard for Catholic Schools to nurture the potential and love of learning within a climate of Gospel values. It links directly to the rationale of gifted and talented education and Newman streaming. A classroom that tailors learning to meet the needs of gifted and talented students ensures students are living this life to the full, ensuring they meet their potential.

Students identified as gifted or talented are those who perform or have the potential to perform in one or more domains at a level significantly beyond children of the same age, culture or circumstances. Data is collected from various tests, including Allwell testing, NAPLAN, HAST testing and Pat testing. Teachers will often refer to this data and link lessons to students’ strengths or areas of improvement. Flexible grouping also allows teachers to put students in groups of similar ability who work towards a learning goal whilst addressing the varying learning needs. This allows for greater differentiation and the work presented may look different for each group.

In this newsletter, I would like to feature the work done by Year 7 in IDEAS.

IDEAS (Innovate, Design, Explore, Achievement and Student-centred) is the College’s school-based program focused on a transdisciplinary approach to teaching STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). In this program, students undertake deep learning by applying their knowledge and skills through designing and creating practical solutions to real-world problems. Students are able to recognise the importance of developing a sustainable future by harnessing critical and creative thinking skills that allow them to enhance their higher-order thinking abilities. As a result, this program ensures students a rich learning environment conducive to cultivating self-directed learners for the 21st century.

What do the students think?

IDEAS is an innovative, imaginative and enjoyable experience as we can all open up our minds to new possibilities and it is a great way to broaden our minds and be creative! I personally love all aspects of IDEAS because it gives us a chance to show collaborative and out of the box thinking. Our teachers are amazing and they let us open our minds to amazing new possibilities and ideas that help us grow our minds. Overall, IDEAS is a great experience for all girls and I really enjoy taking part in it. 

Sofia Vella, Year 7 Student

At the moment, students are working on a passion project. What a range of ideas and interests our students have! I loved the idea of the passion project assessment. It was so much fun to create an object/website/camp all about our passion. We got the chance to interact and help our peers achieve the aim of their passion project. Overall it was a great assessment task that got us to interact and do what we love best. 

Bianca Magner, Year 7 Student

I wanted to make an app to help sales representatives have a safe and secure place to store and organise their data on their devices. 

Alana Serra, Year 7 Student

I enjoyed the fact that we were not restricted or limited in our project. This allowed us to have an open imagination and create something that we were passionate about. In my case, I was passionate about women’s rights and women’s safety, and I created a self-defence phone case to help women feel safe in public spaces. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing young girls share the same views as me on this topic.

Luci Aspinall, Year 7 Student


Mrs Rachael Colreavy, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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Debating Report

The CSDA Debating rounds have finished, and after six rounds, all students have shown great skill and talent but, just as importantly, a willingness to improve.

Congratulations to the 8A and 10A teams who are now through to the elimination rounds starting next week. I must also congratulate all teams on their conduct and the respect they showed opposition teams and adjudicators.

Congratulations to all debaters and their families for their support!


Mrs Rachel Colreavy, Public Speaking/Debating Coordinator

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2021 Teams

Year 7

Team A      
Demi Hadjistavrou Lara Carvallo Annabelle Blows Heidi Simpson
Team B      
Charlotte Brailey Harriet O’Connor Seana Miao Eliana Palandjian


Year 8

Team A    
Madeleine Miller Nikita Serban Alissa Tosh
Team B    
Ruby Anter Cian Colantuono Alessandra Carlo


Year 9

Team A    
Monique Abacum Grace Saoud Lizzy Cappetta
Team B      
Adelaide Kennedy Caragh Price Sienna McCarthy Sienna Duarte


Year 10

Team A    
Zara Chand Natalie Broom Charlotte O’Brien
Team B    
Jessica Smith Gabriella Michalopoulos Anika Ressas


Year 11

Cindy Hancock Caitlin Neal-Bartier Jacinta Fitzgerald Chelsea Colantuono


Year 12

Vanessa Vencel Nikolina Kero Jacinta Bechara



Sports News

MCCS Sport Results

Congratulations to the teams that have represented the College in the Thursday MCCS competition in Week 7. 

Please see the results and MVP (Most Valuable Player) for each team.



Year 7 

Cancelled due to wet weather


Year 8 

Cancelled due to wet weather








Cancelled due to wet weather



Cancelled due to wet weather









Cancelled due to wet weather 




Congratulations to the teams that have represented the College in the Thursday MCCS competition in Week 8 (Semi-Finals). 

Please see the results and MVP (Most Valuable Player) for each team.



Year 7 

MSCW v Marist Catholic College North Shore                          

 20  – 13

Year 8 

MSCW v McAuley

 20  – 21


Year 9

MSCW v McAuley

20 – 25


Year 10

MSCW v McAuley

 28 – 23


Ava Grivas



Gabrielle Kuk                 



Sienna Davis




Scarlett Tucker



Cancelled due to wet weather


Cancelled due to wet weather 








Cancelled due to wet weather




Term 2 Thursday Sports Program Years 7 – 10

All students must wear their full PE uniform on Thursday sports days to/from school and bring their MSCW sports cap.  Students should check their emails/COMPASS for details about sports groups. Year 7 and 9 Sport – every Day 4 (week 1 of timetable) Year 8 and 10 Sport – every Day 9 (week 2 of timetable). Students will be notified of their group via COMPASS.                                                 

Year 7
Year 8
  Year 9
Year 10

Acro Dance 

Cricket Skills



Learn to Dragon Boat

Acro Dance 



Flag Gridiron

Jazz/Funk Dance 

Fitness Games 

Circuit Training 


Learn to Dragon Boat 




AFL Skills

Tae Kwon Do 

European Handball 

NSW Football Skills

Touch Football


Power Walk

Mr Daniel Watts
Sports Coordinator

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MSCW Cross Country

The annual MSCW Cross Country Carnival was held last month on Monday 3 May. 

The House with the most participation points was Marcellin in 1st with Chavoin 2nd and Colin 3rd.

Congratulations to the 2021 Age Champions and Runners Up
12 YRS
13 YRS
14 YRS
15 YRS
16 YRS
17 YRS
18 YRS

Aliana Butler

Tola Blicharska

Claire Beynon

Caitlin Russell

Hannah Sacco

Leah Russell

Maddison Sherry

Sofia Watts

Zara Chand

Bronte Fisher

Anastasia Lakic

Ashlen Morelli

Kalani Howard

Olivia Mitchell




Congratulations to Marcellin House, who are the 2021 Cross Country Champions!

1st      Marcellin   

2rd     Colin

3nd     Chavoin

Lauren McGregor and Annika Lynch, Marcellin House Co-Captains


Mr Daniel Watts, Sport Coordinator

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All Schools Swimming Championships

Abby Gibson competed in the All Schools Swimming Championships at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre on Friday, 28 May. The Championship showcases the best students from the Catholic, Private and Public School sectors and ultimately gains selection into the NSW Swimming team. Abby competed in the 200m Freestyle, and she managed to come 5th against tough competition. 

Awesome effort, Abby!

Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

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CGSSSA Basketball

The CGSSSA Basketball Championships was held on Friday 28 May. MSCW competed in three divisions on the day.

Junior Report

Team: Natalie Savazian, Annaliese Klapdor, Olivia Aloisio, Ruby Anter, Sara Demirjian, Sienna Gatt, Katia Minadeo.

The team played five different games and unfortunately did not win any; however all the students played to their best abilities and had a great day. MSCW not only had an opportunity to sharpen their basketball skills, but also to bond and learn how to work as a team. It was a great experience and a very enjoyable day!

Angela Lakic, Year 8 Student

Intermediate Report

Team: Alex Mckenzie, Isabelle Mourani, Camille Moussallem, Elsie Gray, Sofia Watts, Alexandra Haddad, Imogen Wylie, Daniella Agostino.

The competition was extremely tough; however, the Intermediate team managed to work as a team, with Ms Cura coaching the team throughout the day. MSCW played to their strengths with Camille and Daniella helping down the attacking end, and shooting solid shots. Isabelle and Elsie used their height to get rebounds and assist on both ends of the court. Sofia and Zara worked together in the midcourt down the attacking end and Alex, Alexandra, and Imogen did great defensive and midcourt work. There were some tight games where MSCW were within two points during halftime, but in the end, the experience of the other schools meant MSCW didn’t end up winning. It was a competitive day, and lots of fun.

 Zara Chand, Year 10 Student

Senior Report

Team: Anastasia Lakic, Olivia Mitchell, Emma Serrao, Lily Girke, Amelia Betts ,Grace Quinn ,Gabriella Stanwix, Imogen Gilchrist, Ashlen Morelli.

After being unable to compete in last years competition due to COVID, the students from MSCW were eager to win a few games, and represent the College in their final basketball tournament. The Open team played a total of 6 normal round games, winning 3 and progressing to the Semi-Finals. After a tough loss against Mount St Joseph, MSCW ended up finishing 4th overall. Each of the students demonstrated tenacity, perseverance, teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the day and should be congratulated for their tremendous efforts. Furthermore, I would like to thank the 12 students who have been part of the MSCW basketball team since Year 7, and have greatly improved their skills throughout the years. Finally, a massive thank you to Mr Serrao who coached our basketball team for the last 6 years during both MCCS and CGSSSA competitions, encouraging us to play to our best abilities and have a go, considering many of us had little basketball experience. Thank you also to Mr Watts for the support throughout these 6 years.

Emma Serrao, Year 12 Student


MSCW Chess Club

This Friday marks the end of our first-ever Metropolitan Chess Competition! Though we did not make it to the finals, the MSCW team gave it their best shot, had many laughs, and improved out of sight. I want to acknowledge our chess first-timers; Beth Devine, Jerry Le and Sofia Vella. These girls and all of their teammates proved to be tenacious players who never gave up without a fight or smile.

Overall it was a great first season. The girls took the challenges in their stride. It wasn’t easy being the only female competitors in our division, but that didn’t stop us; never hiding away from a challenge, the girls faced all their opponents with courage and confidence. In my experience, the most impressive thing about our teams was their ability to be graceful in the face of defeat. There was never a negative statement or sense of defeat. All of the MSCW girls had a positive attitude and held their heads high, an attribute that many adult spectators admired.

After our first year, I do not doubt that we will be back next year, holding our heads high, ready to do it all again…but even better! Finally, I would like to extend a big congratulations to the following girls: Elaina Balassis, Sasha Devajana, Grace Markakis, Tiarna Marcos, Phoebe Siminsky, Elizabeth Smart, Jasmin Zrno, Olivia Aloisio, Beth Devine, Annaliese Klapdor, Jerry Le, Megan Lam, Sofia Valentini, Sofia Vella and all of the parents who chauffeured the girls to and from games.

Ms Gabrielle Formosa, Chess Club Coordinator

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Jarnosse News

Year 7 – Slow Down and Read

As part of their English programme, all Year 7 are doing the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC). By the time the Challenge closes on Friday 20 August all girls should have added the 20 books they’ve read in the last 12 months to their PRC Student Reading Record.
Congratulations to those girls who have already completed this year’s Challenge.

Encourage your daughter to log in and show you where she’s up to. She has her Username and Password, and the PRC site is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
If she hasn’t read and recorded about 10-12 titles by now, she’ll need to do some catching up, and there’s no better time than winter for slowing down, snuggling up and reading.
So please encourage her to pop into Jarnosse, borrow some books and set aside some reading time each day. As a start, just 30 minutes before bed will be great for her mind and better for her sleep than time spent on her device.

Mrs Prue Nelson, Teacher-Librarian and Mrs Maria Del Moro, English Coordinator

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Canteen News


Volunteers are required in the Canteen for recess and lunch. Any amount of time you have to assist the Canteen Staff would be much appreciated. New volunteers please sms your details to the Canteen Mobile on 0457 593 920.

Thank you


Specials for Term 2

Weekly specials available on Wednesday and Thursday
All lunch orders need to be in by 8:30am.


Week 9  – Wednesday 16 June 2021 and Thursday 17 June 2021

Chicken Special Fried Rice



HSC Supervisors Needed

The College’s HSC Presiding Officer is looking for extra supervisors for the upcoming HSC Examinations in Term 4.
If you are interested or know of someone that might be, please use this form to express interest: https://forms.gle/FF6EKSbSkrdTAeY26
​Please note that supervisors:
  • need to be available every school day between 12 October and 4 November; and  
  • must not have a near relative sitting the 2021 HSC at the College.

Thank you for your consideration.

Clothing Pool

Marist Sisters’ Clothing Pool is seeking your good quality unwanted College uniforms.

All proceeds of sales go back into the school community and are greatly appreciated.

Donations can be left with the General Administration Office.

Should you wish to place a Clothing Pool order please visit www.flexischools.com.au

Hunters Hill – Parish Community Event

Youth Afternoon Invitation for Years 11 and 12 Students