28 Apr 2021

From the Principal

Before and After School Clubs

It has been pleasing to see some after school clubs for Stage 2 and 3 children starting up this week.  Code Camp and Drama clubs have commenced and I know that the children are enthusiastic about this addition to their at-School experience.  Some clubs were offered but minimum numbers were not met for these activities; so, they were unable to begin.  Registration for Term 3 clubs will be sought later this term.  As was the case for this term, announcements will be made via email and text message.  Please look out for these messages and take advantage of these before and after school offerings.  Remember, also, that a reduced rate for Nangkita applies for children attending our after school care service following an after school club.

2022 Enrolment

I remind School families to make sure you always apply early if you have younger children.  We are starting interviews for 2022 soon.  While we absolutely prioritise siblings, we can only do this if there is a place available.  Please email Amanda at amanda.reynolds@isms.nsw.edu.au if you need any help in applying.

With regard to prospective families, we have recommenced small group open day on-site tours during each fortnight in Term 2, so please take the opportunity to let your friends and family know that they’re welcome to visit in person again. Tours can be booked via our website https://www.isms.nsw.edu.au/enrolment/book-a-tour/.

So many of our prospective families speak of a connection with a past or current student/family of ISMS and the wonderful feedback they’ve heard.  Thank you for your positive contributions to our reputation.

COVID-19 Update

Pleasingly, some gradual easing of restrictions continue to affect schools.  Most recently, the following key changes have come into effect, as they affect our school:

  • There are no restrictions on catering;
  • Physical distancing is now recommended rather than required, where practicable;
  • A strong focus is to be maintained on accurate record keeping to support contact tracing in case there is an outbreak, given the relaxation on other restrictions;
  • There are no restrictions on group work or any school-related activities;
  • International excursions remain on hold at this stage given the potential complexities if there was a border closure at short notice.

These changes allow us to return to normal with regard to the children preparing food at School.  We are currently, therefore, looking into the required logistics of reinstating the Kids’ Kafe, and will keep families informed of plans in that regard.  I remind parents that parent sign-in is not necessary at drop-off and collection times but is necessary at all other times.  Children, parents or other visitors should not come to School if they have any COVID-19 symptoms and all should continue to practise good hand hygiene at all times.

ISMS Mobile App

I remind ISMS families about the ISMS mobile app, which can be a very useful tool for the busy parent.  Parents can use the ISMS mobile app to report pupil absences, book Before and After School Care in our Elouera and Nangkita rooms, view and book events such as our Parent Education evenings, view term dates and more.  The ISMS mobile app is available from the usual app stores – just search ‘Inner Sydney Montessori School’ to download the mobile app onto your phone or other mobile device.

Parent Observations

One of the defining features of ISMS is its offering of parent classroom observations.  Such observations rarely take place in non-Montessori schools and are an excellent way for parents to see their child at work in their classroom.  Much can be gleaned from such observations, including the child’s work habits and choices, their application, independence, persistence, and much more.  Parents can also learn much of the nature and dynamics of the class. I urge all parents to contact their child’s Class Director for a mutually agreeable time for parent observation.  Observation guidelines are available to help you make the most of the experience.

Traffic and Parking Concerns – Smith Street

I remind all parents and carers of the importance to the safety of our children and community that care is taken around the School in Smith Street, particularly at drop-off and pick-up times.  I know that parking is at a premium at these times but I emphasise that it is important for safety, and as a proper example to our children, that all road rules are adhered to, all road and parking signs are closely followed and that courtesy is shown.  Please note in particular that the area immediately outside the Kiah gate has a five minute parking limit between 8:15am and 8:45am and between 2:45pm and 3:15pm.


Michael Dunn
Acting Principal

School Calendar Dates

Week 2 Term 2

Day Date What’s On


28 April

7.30am Cantamos Stage 3 Choir
7.45am Una Voz Stage 2 Choir
3.15pm Stage 2 Code Camp
3.00pm Stage 3 Drama
7.00pm Infant Community Meet and Greet

Thursday 29 April 3.15pm Stage 3 Code Camp
Friday 30 April 7.30am Concert Band

Week 3 Term 2

Monday 3 May 9.15am School Tour
2.45pm Training Band
Tuesday 4 May  
Wednesday 5 May

7.30am Cantamos Stage 3 Choir
7.45am Una Voz Stage 2 Choir
3.15pm Stage 2 Code Camp
3.00pm Stage 3 Drama

Thursday 6 May 3.15pm Stage 3 Code Camp
Friday 7 May 7.30am Concert Band

Week 4 Term 2

Monday 10 May 2.45pm Training Band
Tuesday 11 May  
Wednesday 12 May 7.30am Cantamos Stage 3 Choir
7.45am Una Voz Stage 2 Choir
3.15pm Stage 2 Code Camp
3.00pm Stage 3 Drama
6.30pm Parent Information Session: 
What is a Montessori Home Environment
Thursday 13 May 3.15pm Stage 3 Code Camp
Friday 14 May 7.30am Concert Band


Recommencement of Working Bee Obligations this Term

Until recently, COVID-19 restrictions necessitated the School putting a hold on our Working Bee program.  We are pleased to advise that, after reviewing the current advice, we are recommencing our Working Bee program in Term 2.

As those of you who had students enrolled prior to COVID-19 know, the working bee tasks may include take-home activities, in-class support or a weekend on-site gardening event.  Typically, at the start of each term, Directors will issue a list of tasks that parents can sign up for, so please look out for this.  Please note that classroom laundry roster work contributes to working bee hours.

I remind families that our working bee requirements are outlined within our Memorandum of Conditions as follows:

“In support of our School, each family is expected to contribute three hours per term to a ‘working bee’ activity. Parents should contact the Class Director for job allocations and to log their participation. For any families who are unable to participate in the ‘working bee’ program, a $150 per term ‘opt out’ fee will be charged to the Tuition account.”

Parents who have volunteered for a regular role in a committee or in assisting across the School, such as a Parent Liaison or Band Committee member, are not expected to undertake additional working bee tasks in addition to their role.

All completed working bee activities must be recorded and submitted online to the School, via the app. forms link or our website https://www.isms.nsw.edu.au/community/student-forms/working-bees/, before the end of each term to avoid being charged for ‘opting out’ in error. 

Thank you for your support of this program.  Your time and care with these tasks are greatly appreciated and we hope that you may enjoy the opportunity to work on-site, as able, or to contribute to the wonderful work of maintaining our prepared environments.


Amanda Reynolds
Registrar and Community Relations Officer

Upcoming Parent Education Sessions


Wednesday 12 May 6.30pm – 8.00pm

What is a Montessori Home Environment?

In this session, we will discuss what a Montessori home environment is and how you can bring the Montessori approach into the home.

Presenter: Fiona McGowan
Location: 756 Darling Street, Rozelle NSW 2039 


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)


In the coming weeks, we will be learning about the digestive system, looking closely at the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, salivary glands, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Stage 2 will be learning the basics of what happens with each organ, while Stage 3 will delve deeper into the process.


Stage 1 has been working on their AFL skills, including: hand passing, drop-kicking and picking up the ball off the ground. In the coming lessons, we will practise chest mark, overhead mark, as well as bounces.

Stage 2 and 3 completed their Fitness Challenge, with most of the children improving their scores. They completed one minute of maximum repetitions for squats, push-ups and sit-ups. They also measured their flexed arm hang, standing long jump, trunk lift, trunk flexion and shoulder stretch. 

Starting Week 4, Stage 2 will practise their golf skills in the Hall, while Stage 3 will be learning AFL at the park.

Scott Stefl
Personal Development, Health, & Physical Education Director

Jump Rope For Heart

Since starting Jump Rope For Heart on 28 May 2021, we have raised over $4000 for the Heart Foundation.

Any children who still wish to participate and raise funds can be signed up at https://www.jumprope.org.au/parents.

For any children who are looking to learn new skills with a jump rope, the Heart Foundation have put together this guide.

Thanks for all the support in this great cause and for keeping the children skipping rope.


Glebe District Hockey Club: Junior Development Program

Glebe District Hockey Club: Junior Development Program