28 Apr 2021

Recommencement of Working Bee Obligations this Term

Until recently, COVID-19 restrictions necessitated the School putting a hold on our Working Bee program.  We are pleased to advise that, after reviewing the current advice, we are recommencing our Working Bee program in Term 2.

As those of you who had students enrolled prior to COVID-19 know, the working bee tasks may include take-home activities, in-class support or a weekend on-site gardening event.  Typically, at the start of each term, Directors will issue a list of tasks that parents can sign up for, so please look out for this.  Please note that classroom laundry roster work contributes to working bee hours.

I remind families that our working bee requirements are outlined within our Memorandum of Conditions as follows:

“In support of our School, each family is expected to contribute three hours per term to a ‘working bee’ activity. Parents should contact the Class Director for job allocations and to log their participation. For any families who are unable to participate in the ‘working bee’ program, a $150 per term ‘opt out’ fee will be charged to the Tuition account.”

Parents who have volunteered for a regular role in a committee or in assisting across the School, such as a Parent Liaison or Band Committee member, are not expected to undertake additional working bee tasks in addition to their role.

All completed working bee activities must be recorded and submitted online to the School, via the app. forms link or our website https://www.isms.nsw.edu.au/community/student-forms/working-bees/, before the end of each term to avoid being charged for ‘opting out’ in error. 

Thank you for your support of this program.  Your time and care with these tasks are greatly appreciated and we hope that you may enjoy the opportunity to work on-site, as able, or to contribute to the wonderful work of maintaining our prepared environments.


Amanda Reynolds
Registrar and Community Relations Officer

Our Mailing Address is:

Inner Sydney Montessori School
44 Smith St
Balmain, NSW 2041