13 Oct 2021


October is Mental Health Awareness month!

What can you do to get your D.O.S.E. of JOY this month?

D = Dopamine – the happy hormone; you can get this from setting goals or listening to music;
O = Oxytocin – the love hormone; you can get this from being kind, hugging people you trust;
S = Serotonin – the feel good hormone; you can get this from being mindful, slowly eating your food;
E = Endorphins – the exercise hormone; you can get this when you move your body.

There is an endless list of things you can do to increase your JOY hormones, so what are some things that you find to be fun? Schedule them daily!

There is a great podcast for children to listen to about getting JOY each day.

Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs

We have all felt the strain of our long lockdown and felt challenged with the changes over the past year. I have created this 10 minute video, reading the book Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs: A Tapping Solution Children’s Story by Alex Ortner. It’s a children’s book using animals to name the tapping points.  

Here is a tapping video for children and one for adults to be done before sleep (both five minutes).

Tapping has been scientifically proven to reduce Cortisol (the stress hormone) simply by tapping on the pressure points and helps realign your internal energy.

I’ve been using the “Create a Great Day” tapping each morning to set myself up for the day ahead and have felt tremendous change in my outlook for the day.

Scott Stefl
Personal Development, Health & Physical Education Director



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