02 Dec 2020

Meet the Staff

Toni Lehtsalu – Student Services Administrator

    1. Welcome to ISMS, Toni. When did you join us and where did you last work?

I started at ISMS on 7 September 2020, almost three months ago. I was previously at a branding agency as an Office Manager. As it was a start-up company, I was the only person in administration so I had many roles including managing the office, human resources, accounting, marketing and even IT. I’m very happy to focus on one role and have an administrational team to work with.


    2. Can you tell us a little of your history?

I have worked in various roles within childcare, interior design, education, architecture and branding. My last positions were more administrative, supporting both staff and customers/students which I have really enjoyed. During the shutdown early this year, I was working from home and realised that I was not enjoying my role as much and wanted to work in student administration again, helping students from enrolment to graduation. I resigned from my position as Office Manager and focused on looking for a role in education. When this position came up, I didn’t hesitate to apply.


    3. What is your role in the School and what are your main responsibilities?

As Student Services Administrator; my day starts with checking absences and confirming attendance rolls. Throughout the day I answer the phone, reply to enquiries and support staff and students where needed.


    4. What are your first impressions of the School?

When I came in for my interview, I knew straight away that I wanted to be a part of the ISMS community. Everyone has been so friendly, from the daily morning greetings, to students walking past throughout the day and waving and saying hello. Everyone has also been very patient while I learn everyone’s name and class.


    5. What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on your work in the School?

I haven’t had a chance to meet all the students and parents yet.


    6. What are your hopes for 2021 at ISMS, from your perspective?

I’m looking at updating the intranet and ISMS app as well as streamlining some of the administrative processes.

Our Mailing Address is:

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