07 Feb 2020

ISMS Parking Manifesto

ISMS Parking Manifesto


As with most schools in the inner suburbs, parking is a challenge for our staff and families, particularly in Smith Street. Whilst the school takes measures to ease these pressures and are currently considering further initiatives, we have to accept that our Balmain Campus is in a busy residential area and this is not going to change. We are all responsible for our own actions and must ensure that our driving and parking does not compromise the safety of our children or cause difficulties for our neighbours. Please follow our ISMS Parking Manifesto and share with any grandparents, nannies and friends who may also drop off and pick up.


Grace and Courtesy Parking Manifesto

Use the ‘Drop Off’ and ‘Pick Up’ bays correctly and do not leave cars unattended;

Adhere to the ‘5 Minute Parking’ bay time limit;

Do not ‘double park’ for any reason;

If your circumstances allow it, avoid parking in Smith Street altogether and use spaces by the park or neighbouring streets. Even better, consider walking, cycling or car sharing;

Do not turn your car around in the street at drop off or pick up times;

Drive at a safe speed and never above 40 kms/hour;

Park as close as you can to the car in front/behind to leave space for others;

Be courteous to our neighbours, including not parking in or over driveways



Lets work together to make our community safe, calm and peaceful

Our Mailing Address is:

Inner Sydney Montessori School
44 Smith St
Balmain, NSW 2041