09 Apr 2018

Introducing Our New Principal

Becoming the new Principal of Inner Sydney Montessori School is an absolute privilege that has already been filled with lots of positivity and fantastic learning experiences.

I have had the honour of working in schools for many years. Every role, each school and all of those individual child that I have worked with have played such important parts in my own development and I look forward to continuing my journey here at ISMS.

We recently enjoyed our ‘Past Graduates Event’, welcoming back five young people, of various ages, who had once graced this school. Listening to their speeches about moving from our school to High School and beyond was nothing short of inspirational. For the audience and I, we had the luxury of a glimpse into what the  future may hold for our current children and saw before us Maria Montessori’s aspirations for education  reform encompassed within these articulate, confident, balanced and happy individuals.

As we come to the end of Term 4, we look towards 2018 and the exciting projects ahead of us. To name but a few, we will be welcomed back to school with the completion of our Outdoor Learning Project, the planning and evolving of our third ISMS campus, the development of our staff including our newly promoted leaders, the growth of our Buddy Visits project enabling our staff to visit and observe each other in action and our tailor-made training package led by our very own highly-skilled professionals.

What a fantastic time to be a part of such a brilliant school!

Zoe Ezzard

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Inner Sydney Montessori School
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