10 Nov 2021

From the Principal

COVID-19 Update

There have been recent changes to the school COVID-19 health advice and the School is currently working through this advice to apply it thoughtfully to our context and to ensure that, as we change school practices, we do so in a COVID-safe way.  We will make announcements about these changes as soon as we can.

School Library

This week saw the opening to children of the ISMS Library after a long period of establishment and organisation.  The Library, on the ground floor of the main building at the Balmain campus, next to the Nangkita room, houses almost 5000 volumes, both fiction and non-fiction.  This week the Stage 2 and 3 children have been experiencing their Library induction, learning the Library protocols and systems.  Soon the Stage 1 staff will experience their induction, after which the Stage 1 classes at Balmain will also be able to use the Library.

An adult must always be present with children using the Library, no food or drink should be taken there, hands must be sanitised before Library use and children take responsibility for their book borrowing, in line with established protocols.  The Library bar-code borrowing system is currently being developed, so borrowing until the end of this term will be for at-school loans only, with take-home loans to commence in the new year.  Class library access times are currently being established. Arrangements are being put in place to enable our Lilyfield classes to borrow books, too. 

It has been a joy to see our children enthusiastically using the Library this week.  The Library will, I’m sure, prove to be a valuable, much used and much loved resource for our children.  I thank Spanish teacher, Steph Patrick, for her work in establishing the new ISMS Library.

Holiday Care January 2022

The ISMS Summer Holiday Care program will operate from Monday 17 to Thursday 27 January 2022, excluding Wednesday 26 January (Public Holiday) and Friday 28 January (Pupil Free Day). More details will be provided in due course.  


This Friday is my last day as Acting Principal of the School, as ISMS welcomes back Principal, Zoe Ezzard, next Monday 15 November, following her period of maternity leave that commenced in October last year.  Despite the obvious challenges imposed by the pandemic, my tenure in the School has been a very enjoyable time.  The children have impressed me with their openness, industry and by their agency in the education process.  Our staff are knowledgeable, skilful, professional, collegial, caring and committed to the School’s mission. 

ISMS also benefits from a strong and like-minded community that has impressed me very much during my time here.  Families are in the School due to their commitment to Montessori philosophy and education and this creates a strong community of people who work together as we help our children reach their potential.  As the African proverb states, it takes a village to raise a child and the ISMS ‘village’ is a like-minded, purposeful and caring one.  Thank you for your support over the past almost 13 months and for your support of the School.

Some parents have asked me what I will do next.  Essentially, I will retire from full-time work (it will be my second attempt at this, having ‘retired’ at the end of 2019!), but I expect that I might do a little consulting and perhaps some casual teaching from time to time.  My wife, Catherine, and I will ensconce ourselves in our Blue Mountains home in Leura.  Whatever the future holds for me, I will take with me happy and indelible memories of my time at ISMS and of the wonderful people here.  ISMS is an excellent school and I have leant much here.  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this community.

Michael Dunn
Acting Principal

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