09 Apr 2018

Alumni – An Morison

It’s timely that I get to write something about my years at ISMS as I am retiring at the end of 2017. This will be my 34th year teaching in Australia, 3 years in the English Montessori School, Madrid, 19 with ISMS and 15 at the Castlecrag Montessori School, totalling 37 years involvement in Montessori education.

From Director to Principal to Director I have remained a strong and committed advocate of Montessori education. I have seen how the Montessori method supports children to become instigators of change and innovation. It has been a great privilege and honour to work with a diversity of staff who brought their  life experience and engagement to the classrooms of ISMS.  I have also learnt much about myself through the children and families I was privileged to teach and meet, and colleagues with whom I worked.

I saw ISMS grow from two 3-6 classrooms, one in Drummoyne and the other in Lilyfield. I then saw its expansion to Burwood, then Jane Street and finally to Smith Street. This was all made possible through the extraordinary commitment of families and staff, who had a vision and who were prepared to put in the  time and effort to support that vision.

I have taken with me many great memories and enduring friendships made with both children and families, many going back to my first classroom in Kinta.

I am now hugging their babies, hearing about their overseas adventures and professional achievements as human rights lawyers, teachers, musicians, ICU doctors, nurses, designers, chefs, volunteers and much, much more, which gives me great joy. I am now excited about the prospect of exploring life after Montessori, although I do believe Montessori will always remain a fundamental part of my personal philosophy and commitment.

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