SA-NT eNews – March 2024 - 14 March 2024

President’s Welcome

Dear SA-NT Colleagues 

I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to new and continuing members of our wonderful SA/NT Chapter of Educate Plus. Your association with Educate Plus speaks volumes about your dedication to educational Advancement and your commitment to professional growth, and we are delighted to have you as part of our community! 

As we pass the midway point in Term 1, I cannot help but feel a sense of excitement for the opportunities that lie ahead. The energy and enthusiasm that permeated our Chapter Committee Planning Day in January set a promising tone for the year and we look forward to an exciting program of activities and events.   

This year, we have a passionate and dedicated committee of 15 people, representing 14 diverse schools and universities across SA-NT:  

In addition to welcoming new members, we also acknowledge the incredible contribution of departing 2023 committee members, Janine Atkinson and Steve Eden, and of our formidable Past President, Ana Gozalo, whose role in growing and shaping our Chapter has been significant.  

In February, we continued to foster connections and collaboration through our termly Coffee Catch Ups, with four venues across Adelaide. These gatherings provided invaluable opportunities for networking, idea sharing, and relationship building.  

Looking forward, we have an exciting Professional Development session, Personal Branding and Passion, lined up at Westminster School on Wednesday 20 March from 4.45pm. I hope you will join us as we focus on self, and how each of us can find and develop our passions and purpose.   

As members of Educate Plus, we are part of a vibrant and dynamic community dedicated to advancing education and enriching the lives of students. Our association provides a platform for collaboration, professional development, and advocacy, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation and excellence in education. 

Thank you for being part of the journey with us so far this year. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events, or would be interested to host an event at your school (and perhaps showcase something you are particularly proud of), please don’t hesitate to get in touch.   

I look forward to meeting you at during the year.  



Helen Karapandzic
SA-NT Chapter President | Educate Plus

Director of Philanthropy
Prince Alfred College



Thank You to our 2024 SA-NT Committee:




New Member Welcome

New Member Welcome

We can’t wait to meet you!

We extend a very warm welcome to our latest Members, who have recently joined us this quarter (see below). We are thrilled to have you as part of our SA-NT Chapter community!

Our next ‘New Member Meetup’ is on Wednesday 27 March, 2024. Closer to the date, we will send you a link to participate in this online session, which is open to all new Members across all Chapters. 

These sessions are a wonderful, informal way catch up with other new Members, and to hear more about the benefits of being a Member and what is available to you on our website. 

If you are new to Educate Plus, click below to register for the New Member Meet-Up.


More Info / Register | New Member Meet-Up


Welcome to our newest members:


New Member Position Organisation
Dowling, Charlotte Donor Administration Officer St Peter’s College
Downes, Geraldine Graphic Designer King’s Baptist Grammar School
Fabbian, Christina Community Development and Advancement Coordinator Loreto College, Marryatville
Gillard, Jessica Marketing & Engagement Coordinator Pembroke School
Gillies, Chelsea Development Officer Pulteney Grammar School
Kelly, Caroline Director of Marketing, Communications and Engagement Pembroke School
Littleton, Amelia Communications & Content Officer Nazareth Catholic Community College
Politis, Rachel Communications Manager St Peter’s Girls’ School, Adelaide
See You in Perth

See You in Perth

The Early Bird discount, which offers unparalleled savings of $265 off the standard individual rate, closes soon on 31 March 2024.



Secure your place at the premier educational Advancement event of 2024. Act swiftly to capitalise on this exceptional offer and plan now to be part of a vibrant exchange of knowledge and inspiration.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away – register today and get ready to embark on a transformative journey at the Educate Plus Empowering Sucess International Conference, Perth, 2024. 


Have you seen the International Conference Program yet?

Congratulations to the International Conference Committee who have worked for months to craft an innovative, inspiring and impactful program and are, as we speak, securing talented and experienced speakers to present at the 2024 International Conference in Perth.  

The program they’ve curated is designed to bring together leading practitioners, industry experts, thought leaders and suppliers to share their knowledge and expertise with you in your role. The program is also designed to offer content for larger teams that have advanced level practitioners and for those who work with very lean teams or as solo operators. Quite the balancing act across 50 dedicated sessions!

All Streams Covered, and a New Stream for 2024!

This Program really does contain something for everyone! In addition to the traditional streams of Admissions, Alumni & Community Relations, Marketing & Communications and Fundraising, the quality and depth of the Leadership stream and the newly introduced People & Culture stream is quite phenomenal and we are so excited about it. I strongly encourage you to invite your Heads, Business Managers and HR staff to attend this Conference with you and your Advancement team, as the content will be of unprecedented value to a vast number of staff in your organisation and will showcase the very best our industry has to offer.

View the Program Now!

  • To view the PDF version of the Program, CLICK HERE
  • To view the WEBSITE version of the Program, CLICK HERE

Nominate for the Excellence Awards 

Nominations for the 2024 Educate Plus Excellence Awards, partnered by Global Philanthropic, are NOW OPEN! 

Our SA-NT Chapter is filled with expertise, innovation, and excellent delivery of inspiring projects, and we can’t wait to celebrate you, your teams and your organisations, at the International Conference in Perth!

We are delighted to invite submissions for the highly anticipated 2024 Excellence Awards. These prestigious Awards showcase our industry and are your opportunity to share your talents or the achievements of others, with delegates across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

We especially encourage you to nominate yourself or your colleagues for the newest Awards:

To find out more and to nominate for the Excellence Awards, CLICK HERE


Event Details (Early Bird Closes 31 March)
Date: Tuesday 10 September – Friday 13 September, 2024
Place: Crown Perth Convention Centre, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, WA

To Register:

More Info / Register | International Conference


For easy access to the International Conference Website pages, click on the icons below:


Website Website Awards
EDx Social  Speakers
Fees & Payments Support Package Accommodation


Thank You to our International Conference Partners










Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


EVENT | Personal Branding and Passion Professional Development


Hurry Registrations closing soon (Friday 15 March)! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear from these two inspirational women:

  • Lesley Magill, Founder, Little Shove Mentoring and Moving – Finding fulfilment starts with finding you – in the process of finding yourself, you can find your passions and your purpose, you start saying yes to what lights you up, you start making choices aligned with your values and you can consciously create a life aligned with who you really are.
  • Bec Lenthall, Founder, Your Style with Bec – Dressing with confidence is so much more than just the outfit. It’s about presenting and expressing who you are without having to speak. It’s the way you feel when you wear something you love, and the confidence that comes with knowing how to dress for you.

Following Lesley and Bec’s presentations, connect with colleagues over drinks and canapes.

Optional tour commencing at 4:45pm
If your schedule allows, we invite you to join a campus tour and see first-hand the completion of Westminster’s Senior School and shared community facilities $50M redevelopment.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday 20 March
Time: 4.45pm–7pm

  • Optional Tour: 4.45pm
  • Networking & Drinks: From 5.25pm
  • Welcome & Presentations: From 5.40pm
  • Networking, Drinks & Canapes: From 6.30pm

Venue: Thomas Pavilion, Westminster School, 1/23 Alison Ave, Marion.

  • Please see the campus map here. The Thomas Pavilion is building number 40 on the main oval.
  • Best parking is via Gate 4 in the car park adjacent to the tennis courts or any car park available by the Sports & Swimming Centre/Ovals.
  • Alternatively, a street park and short walk through the campus to the ovals/Thomas Pavilion is a good option too.

Costs: Free of charge for members and $20 for non members.

To Register (by Friday 15 March):

More Info / Register | Personal Branding and Passion PD Event


Thank you to our Event Partner



WEBINAR | Creating A-Grade Awards and Grants Submissions



Webinar Details
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2024
Time: 10.30am-11.30am AEST. (Check your local time)
Place: online via Zoom
Cost: Free for members; $35 (+gst) for non-members
Presenters: Jeff Buchanan, Business Development Advisor and Fundraising Consultant

To Register:

More Info / Register | Creating A-Grade Awards and Grants Submissions


We look forward to welcoming you to these events! 


Setting the Tone for the Year

Setting the Tone for the Year


Colleagues and Caffeine – a Good Way to Start the Day!

The first coffee catch-up of 2024 brought together a vibrant mix of new and familiar faces. Hosted at several locations across Adelaide, the gathering set the tone for a year of engaging conversations and new connections. 

One of the exciting changes this year is the rotation of venues for our fourth meet-up, designed to offer convenience to our members. First up, was Hello Neighbour on King William Road. Keep a close watch on your event invites to discover the upcoming locations. This initiative aims to diversify our experiences and foster a sense of community across various spots in the city. 

Coffee catch-ups serve as the perfect opportunity to network and forge meaningful relationships. They offer a relaxed atmosphere where ideas flow freely, and professional bonds are strengthened over shared interests and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, these gatherings provide a valuable platform to exchange insights, seek advice, and build a supportive network. 

As we embark on another year of coffee catch-ups, we hope you embrace the chance to connect, collaborate, and cultivate lasting connections that enrich both our personal and professional lives.  



Finding Fulfilment

Finding Fulfilment


Article supplied by Lesley Magill | Little Shove Mentoring & Moving

We often think that happiness is the ultimate goal in life, but is it really? Happiness can be fleeting. Fulfilment, however, is another thing entirely. 

Fulfilment gives us a deeper, almost inexplicable sense of contentment and satisfaction; a feeling that what we are doing has meaning and purpose. Fulfilment can come from the simplest of acts or the most complex of achievements, yet how we find it is as unique to us as we are to each other. 

Fulfilment is found when what we do aligns with who we are. It’s tied to doing the things we do because we want to, not because we should. Yet, fulfilment can seem like a far-away fantasy-land, and words like purpose and passion can invoke feelings of frustration. Why? Because so many of us feel we haven’t found them yet and we search so hard for so long that in the end, we almost give up. 

The truth is that to find fulfilment we need to first find ourselves. But how?  

We need to figure out who we are, what we want and why. We need to define our values and understand how pivotal they are to our work, life and self. We need to realise our uniqueness as perfectly imperfect, never to be repeated, human beings. We need to understand our value and our worth. We need to allow ourselves to follow our curiosities, our interests, our guts and our hearts and be brave enough to let them lead us where we really want to go, where we belong. 

By finding ourselves first we not only stand a good chance of finding our purpose and passions, but we also create the very real opportunity of living the most fulfilling lives we could ever imagine. And tell me, who doesn’t want that? 



 Lesley Magill, Little Shove Mentoring & Moving


*Editor’s Note: Have you registered yet to attend the upcoming Personal Branding and Passion Professional Development Event? Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Lesley Magill and Bec Lenthall (Founder, Your Style with Bec) discuss how to find your passion and purpose, and how to dress with confidence. REGISTER HERE

Celebrating 40 Years in School Photography

Celebrating 40 Years in School Photography


Article submitted by AdvancedLife | SA-NT Chapter Partner



We would like to wish every Educate Plus SA-NTschool the best of luck for the 2024 school year! We are very proud to support Educate Plus and to be associated with your wonderful organisation.

The team at advancedlife take immense pride in being an Australian family-owned and operated business, established by the Isherwood family in 1984. We are thrilled to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2024, marking four decades of capturing your cherished memories!

Throughout our 40-year journey, our unwavering dedication to quality, professionalism, innovation and exceptional service has enabled us to record and preserve the school experience for millions of Australian primary and high school children across schools small and large. With a proven history in delivering exceptional school photography services, in 2024 we are set to make school photography easy for over 1250 schools and more than 650,000 students nationwide.

Why advancedlife?


Quality is important

School photographs are a landmark in every student’s annual school journey and take place on just 13 occasions throughout their school years. Our skilled photographers specialise in working with children and young people, ensuring each image is a cherished memento.

Security is important

Once students’ photographs have been taken, our cutting edge, in-house digital facility ensures that student images and data are maintained securely. We take pride in our systems and in 40 years we have never experienced a data breach.

Service is important

Our school facing customer service team truly understand that schools have better things to do than spend valuable time on school photography and are continually focused on making school photography easy. In addition, our dedicated Parent Enquiry Team ensure queries from families are met with a prompt, friendly and helpful reply.

Innovation is important

We have developed a range of online solutions in-house to make school photography easy for schools and we have also developed strategic partnerships with industry leading companies including Epson, Ricoh and Sentral. Your school and families will notice the benefits of choosing advancedlife first-hand when utilising our online-solutions and when you receive your packages created using cutting-edge print technology from our esteemed partners Epson and Ricoh.

Why not contact us today to compare what advancedlife can do to make school photography easy for your school or college and see why we have remained market leaders after 40 years in the industry.

Thought Leadership – Dr Phillip Heath AM Writes …

Thought Leadership – Dr Phillip Heath AM Writes …

Aspiration and Sacrifice or Privilege and Elitism

Article written by Phillip Heath AM, Head of Barker College, NSW  

The emerging reality of the public commentary in Australian education demonstrates a shift in the mindset – our schools are caricatured as bastions of privilege rather than as symbols of aspiration and sacrifice. This article examines the impact of the mindset and considers how we might influence the future narrative. We must find a coherent answer to the question “what’s the good of independent education in Australia?” The current trajectory in independent schools has the risk of foundering on the hostile reefs of political commentary. Our answer to what’s the good of independent schooling will set a course for the coming decades of educational policy, development and philanthropy in education.

Principle 1: Independent education is portrayed in the public discourse not as evidence of aspiration but as a bastion of privilege.

Principle 2: Despite attempts made by the Gonski Review into School Funding, the failure to implement the reforms has created a resource gap in Australian education and it is perceived to be widening.

Principle 3: Our schools are regarded as some of the wealthiest schools in the land. Barker College, for example, notwithstanding our debt from capital works, is seen as a case in point. Nearby schools are struggling to hire staff and find resources for classrooms. The completion of our magnificent award-winning Rosewood Centre and more recently, the Senior School Hub and the lodging of an expansive SSDA, makes it hard to argue otherwise. With a student enrolment of 2800, our comparative income is also high.

Principle 4: Expressions of social justice through Indigenous Education and, more recently, Humanitarian Education initiatives are important but may not be sufficient to demonstrate an answer to “what’s the good of Barker” nor to negate the three principles listed above.

Principle 5: Public funding of independent schools remains a complex political issue, particularly in the light of the seemingly entrenched social disadvantage. Higher fee schools that receive around 10% of income from public funding (such as Barker) are characterised as symbols of privilege. It will be almost impossible to cut through this perception.

Principle 6: The charitable status of independent schools is under threat in the UK, where there is virtually no government funding.

A way forward:

  1. Use public funding while it survives to demonstrate commitment to social impact economics – the hour is coming when this funding will be under threat.
  2. Demonstrate public good by
    • Sharing facilities
    • Providing assisted places for disadvantaged students
    • Educating students for social conscience
    • Reducing social and cultural impact of our schools
    • Demonstrate social conscience in sustainable practices
  3. Managing the message by
    • Avoiding excessive demonstrations of wealth and privilege
    • Celebrating causes that create social impact, reduce disadvantage and enable change
  4. Reduce the division between government and non-government education
  5. Resist the success narrative in independent education, particularly in League Tables, Trophies and competitions.
  6. Explore ways in which the educational advantages enabled in some of our schools can be shared with other schools
  7. Explore a new narrative or new metaphor for independent education, not be arguing that the points made against us but by setting a new story about our public good.


Phillip Heath AM
Head of Barker College, NSW


Phillip Heath achieved a First Class Honours degree in Reformation History and taught at Trinity Grammar School Sydney and King’s School Ely (UK), before becoming Deputy Head of The William Clarke College in Kellyville, and then Headmaster of St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Sydney, where he formed the Gawura Campus for indigenous inner city children.  Author of “Trinity, the Daring of Your Name”, and numerous journal articles, Mr Heath became fifth Principal of Radford College ACT in 2009 and the school received the Order of Australia Association (ACT) Award for Community Service twice under his leadership. He was made a Fellow of the ACT Branch ACEL in 2011, in 2018 was awarded as a Member in the general division of the Order of Australia for his service to education and his commitment to creating greater opportunities for Indigenous students and was awarded the Australian Principal of the Year at the 2023 Australian Education Awards.

Mr Heath was appointed as the Head of Barker College in 2014, and in 2016 it was announced that the School would transition to be fully coeducational by 2022. In 2016 Mr Heath formed the Darkinjung Barker Campus for Indigenous children on the Central Coast of New South Wales and in 2020 the Ngarralingayil Barker Campus for Indigenous children in the Hunter Region of New South Wales. In 2021, following the signing of an MOU with the Yothu Yindi Foundation, Dhupuma Barker commenced as a school for Indigenous children On Country in North East Arnhem Land.

Mr Heath has served on the NSW Board of Studies representing the Independent Sector (2000-2009) and is also a past National Chair of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (2013-2015). He is currently working on an unpublished manuscript titled “One Life at a Time”, exploring his journey and work to create greater educational opportunities for Australia’s First Nations people.

Introducing …

Introducing …


Each eNews, we introduce you to one of our wonderful Chapter Members, through a Question & Answer type interview article. 

Therefore, in the hotseat this edition, is Beck Healy, Director of Philanthropy, Scotch College Adelaide & SA-NT Chapter Vice President


Tell us something that might surprise us about you? 
While at school, I studied piano at the Elder Conservatorium of Music in Adelaide. Whilst not an accomplished pianist and haven’t played for a long time, I played a duet at the Festival Centre with Anna Goldsworthy who is now the Director of the Elder Conservatorium.  

What led you to your present role? What is your favourite aspect? 
The opportunity to work with a wonderful community and institution where I could make an impact led me to my current role. My favourite aspect is connecting with donors and getting to hear people’s stories. 

How long have you been a member of EP? 
I have been a member of Educate Plus since 2018 when I was first employed in the education sector and have since worked in the areas of Philanthropy and Marketing & Communications. 

What has being a member done to help your career development? 
I have found that connecting with other like-minded individuals and the opportunity to attend professional development events, has not only enhanced my understanding of the educational sector but has broadened my understanding of the role advancement plays in an educational setting. The benefit I have gained from being a member of Educate Plus has been invaluable and led me to put my hand up to be part of the SA/NT Chapter Committee. 

Who would you like to have lunch with and where? 
I would really like to have lunch with Donald Trump as I have so many questions. It would have to be in the Trump Tower and of course, at his expense. 

Favourite food and why? 
I can’t go past a grazing plate. Cheese is my weakness, especially a French triple cream brie, with Maggie Beer quince paste. It brings back memories of backpacking around Europe and eating baguettes with brie cheese on the sidewalk in Paris. 

Where is your favourite travel location and why? 
I have travelled extensively throughout Europe. I was born in the UK and emigrated to Australia with my parents in the early 80s. Returning to see family in the UK every couple of years was also met with a trip to a different part of Europe. It is hard to pinpoint my favourite place – but it is hard to go past Chamonix in the French Alps or island hopping in Greece.  

What does success look like to you? 
To me, success is waking up each day with a sense of purpose, knowing that I am contributing meaningfully to something larger than myself. It’s about making a positive impact on the lives of others, whether through my work, family, or community involvement. 


Thank you Beck … It’s been wonderful getting to know you!

Thank You to our Valuable Partners

Thank You to our Valuable Partners


Thank You …

We’d like to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to our valuable Strategic and Chapter Partners, who support Educate Plus and the SA-NT Chapter in our activities and enable us to provide wonderful opportunities to our members and non-members. We ask that you please consider supporting them, so that in turn, they can continue to support us. 

Thank You to our SA-NT Chapter Partners


Thank You to our Educate Plus Strategic Partners
Connect with Colleagues

Connect with Colleagues


Stay Connected … 

Keep in contact with your fellow Advancement professionals to keep abreast of best practice, discover new approaches and technologies and gain valuable industry insights.

To keep you to up to date with what’s happening at Educate Plus and within your sector, please connect with us on our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn pages.