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Are You Making Progress and Moving Forward?

Are You Making Progress and Moving Forward?


A very happy new year to you. A new year can bring a feeling of freshness and possibility, and that is my wish for you. I also hope that this year is one of growth, both personal and professional.

Many, if not all, will be aware that Educate Plus is a network of advancement professionals from the education sector within Admissions, Alumni and Community Relations, Fundraising, Marketing and Communication. But what are the synergies and why are they grouped under the umbrella term of advancement or development?

Possibly the scariest role within the Advancement function is fundraising, but it is also the one that is most widely understood. But fundraising is only one part of advancement, and is like the fruit of the tree. The trunk and branches and leaves are community and alumni relations, working with volunteers, managing donors, and helping to manage events. Marketing and communications also play an essential role in advancement. It’s the strategic process by which schools develop and carry out integrated mission-based strategies that promote values and nurture constituent relationships with, commitment to, and investment in the school. It is about informing, educating and cultivating your constituencies and telling them the story that connects them to your mission.

Fundamentally, you and I are all part of a strategic process to identify, cultivate, solicit, recognise, and steward stakeholders and donors to establish, connect and nurture relationships and to raise resources. We do that by communicating the benefits, value, and distinct nature of our schools and universities.

That is why our first ‘unmissable’ professional development opportunity for the year cuts across many disciplines. Given that the two largest capital investments we make in life are our home and our vehicles, at “Closing The Sale” we bring together experts from each sector to share the best ‘opening and closing the sale’ techniques from their highly competitive, high value industries. There will be many people from your organisation that will be interested applying those principles in all they do to secure enrolments, communicate, and fundraise every day. They are all welcome – click HERE to register today.

So what then, is advancement? Think of it as moving forward and making progress.

When your leadership puts together your organisation’s strategic plan, it is a plan to move your school from where it is now to what it wants to be for future generations. To bring that plan to fruition, it takes a solid development effort. So, advancement is the strategic process by which schools advance mission-appropriate constituent relations through the integration of the school’s admission, marketing and communications, and development programs. Yes, admission is part of advancement as well. The admission effort is to recruit, enrol, re-recruit, and re-enrol mission-appropriate students.

Educate Plus tries to do the same thing with all of our over 1,750 individual and institutional members across Australia and New Zealand. As the peak professional body for educational advancement professionals, we seek to represent and align the views of our members in order to influence policy and regulate the profession. We are represented in each state and territory through a volunteer chapter committee (the SA & NT Chapter Committee met last week) and we would love to hear how we can serve you better. Help us to all move forward, and drop me an email to let me know how you are doing and how we can help you do better.

I look forward to meeting you in person this year,


Abhra Bhattacharjee, President SA/ NT,

PD “Closing the Sale” – Wednesday 28 Feb

PD “Closing the Sale” – Wednesday 28 Feb


Get tips and techniques for gaining leads, retaining prospects and securing high value sales from the worlds of real estate and automotive sales.

Join your Advancement colleagues from across SA and NT as two leaders in their respective fields share the best ‘opening and closing the sale’ techniques from their highly competitive, high value industries and consider how they can be applied to securing enrolments, raising funds and fostering long-term relationships at your institution. Understand the important roles effective marketing and communication play in these high stakes industries. 

  • Date: Wednesday 28 February. Breakfast from 7:30am. Speakers at 8am. (Event finishes at 9am)

  • Cost: Members: $35 (ex GST) | Non-members: $65 (ex GST)

  • Venue: Eclipse Level 4, Union House, The University of Adelaide (North Terrace, SA)


Schedule: Breakfast from 7:30am. Speakers at 8am. (Event finishes at 9am)

Who should attend? 

Leaders and practitioners working in all four pillars of Advancement – Fundraising, Admissions, Marketing & Communications, Alumni & Community Relations

Our Speakers:

Peter Kiritsis (Principal, Ray White Woodville)

Peter has been SA’s No.1 Principal in the Ray White network for 13 consecutive years; selling property across Adelaide’s western and beachside suburbs for almost 20, and setting many record prices along the way. Today he combines an unmatched wealth of experience and resources to add value to the sale of your home or investment property. Widely known for his excellence in negotiation, this Industry leader and his hardworking team are achieving exceptional results across Adelaide’s West and are currently rated No.1 in over 15 suburbs by

Paul Sharman (Sales Consultant, Solitaire Automotive)

Paul Sharman has been selling cars for over 30 years. Paul  has sold and managed at Mercedes-Benz , Porsche and now at Audi. In this time he has sold over 3,000 cars. Paul is passionate about selling  and has visited many car factories over the years to fuel his passion. Paul is proud of the fact that many of his clients have followed him along his journey, switching from BMW to Porsche to Mercedes-Benz to Audi. Paul has  sold cars all over Australia which he says adds a little spice to his job.

Engagement and Effective Communication with Millennial Parents

Engagement and Effective Communication with Millennial Parents


The Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are defined as the generation born between the early 1980s and 2000, the largest generational cohort in history. They are now embracing parenthood and with their unique background, shaped during a time of change and digital immersion, their outlook and values will shape their expectations for their children (Gen Z). These children will be the most technically literate generation ever, the most formally educated and the most entertained and materially endowed.

You will play a part in this!



Millennials are tech savvy

As ‘digital natives’, Millennial parents expect personalised engagement and communication using social media. Data analytics are essential to guide strategic communications and engagement and using digital specialists (either in house or outsourced), a blended multi (or omni) channel approach will maximise your engagement.


Millennials communicate through constant digital connections and the mobile or tablet is their tool of choice. They demand ongoing and instant knowledge. (Patience is not a strong characteristic of this cohort). The printed newsletter or magazine is quickly irrelevant and Millennials demand immediacy and authenticity. Share your achievements and those of your students to validate your mission and values. Tell a story, share videos and photos on social media to connect with your community.

Decision Making

With an abundance of information and a wealth of choice available, much research has taken place before decisions by parents are made. Remember you are no longer speaking with just the mothers at home. Their choice of school will be shaped by those who can demonstrate added value, are authentic, and whose brand reflects the values of Millennials, a global approach to learning, a sense of social responsibility and service to others, along with a commitment to both lifestyle and learning outcomes.


On average, the Millennials stay in a job for three years and have a number of different careers in their working lifetime. They learn, get the most out of it and move on. Will this also be a pattern for their children? Will we see students moving between schools regularly due to disenchantment, demand or just looking for a change of scenery? This will certainly be a challenge for schools’ enrolment and communication professionals.


Respect is no longer a given, it must be earned. Millennials have regard for people, not institutions so personalise your engagement. In an era of digital connectedness, the human element remains essential. Show empathy, creativity, patience and respect for your customers (current and future). Be available and responsive. Personalise your connection and make your community part of your Advancement team.


Millennial parents see their children as a priority, and the classroom, home, work and extended out of school activities have become an integrated learning space. Despite the use of technology within these spaces, emphasis on educational outcomes, personal relationships and connection remains Number 1. We must respond to and monitor the needs, concerns and behaviour of parents and their interaction with others in the community via social media. They, too, are part of your collaborative marketing and public relations team.

As we acknowledge the values and expectations of Millennial parents, how do we as Advancement professionals, address the unique challenges of engaging and communicating with them in an educational setting?

How can we best attract them to our brand, connect with them and secure and maintain their commitment? 




As competition for gaining and maintaining enrolments intensifies, securing and growing your brand is paramount. Rising to the challenges of successful engagement and communication with your Millennial parents, and indeed the whole school community, is not a choice but a necessity if your institution it to remain viable and strong as it moves towards an unknown but exciting future.


Article by Suzanne Moorhead 
Writer: Education and Advancement

References and further reading:

Preparing now for what’s next. Michael McQueen. Nexgen Impact, 2008


McCrindle: Australia 2020: A Shapshot of the Future

How to Woo Millennials


Meet the Millennials


Eight Marketing Strategies to Attract Modern Millennials

Fundraising Masterclass by Nick Jaffer

Fundraising Masterclass by Nick Jaffer

Nick Jaffer (F.Edplus, President & CEO of GLOBAL PHILANTHROPIC)

Thursday 5 April 2018

A Masterclass designed for experienced Advancement leaders currently working in Independent Schools or Universities. Nick will draw on his vast industry experience and utilise case studies from the Tertiary Sector to help participants gain insights into top tier Advancement practice, enabling them to identify ways to take the next step up.

Part 1: Top-Tier Initiatives in Fundraising & Alumni Relations

Part 2: Engaging Your Leadership – Securing Their Support

  • Date: Thursday 5 April, 2018 2:00 PM   through   5:00 PM

  • Cost: Members: $50 (ex GST) | Non-members: $65 (ex GST)

  • Venue: Eclipse Level 4, Union House, The University of Adelaide (North Terrace, SA)

Click here for more info

PD & Networking Events 2018

PD & Networking Events 2018

The SA/NT Chapter Committee is excited to announce the dates for our professional development events for 2018. Locations, details and bookings will be released closer to each date. Click here to see our events open for registration and lock them in your diary.

    • Term 1:
      • Professional Development Event “Closing the Sale” – Wednesday 28 February (Week 5) CLOSED
      • Networking Drinks – Wednesday 28 March (Week 9)
      • Fundraising Masterclass by Nick Jaffer – Thursday 5 April (Week 10) CLOSED
    • Term 2:
      • Professional Development Event – Wednesday 30 May (Week 5)
      • Networking Drinks – Wednesday 27 June (Week 9) 
    • Term 3:
      • International Conference – Tuesday 4 – Friday 7 September (Week 7) REGISTER NOW
      • Networking Drinks – Wednesday 19 September (Week 9)
    • Term 4:
      • Professional Development Event & AGM – Wednesday 14 November (Week 5)
      • Networking Drinks – Wednesday 28 November (Week 9)
International Conference – Auckland September 2018 – New Program available!!!!

International Conference – Auckland September 2018 – New Program available!!!!


A professional development opportunity not to be missed, with more than 70 sessions delivered by experts and thought leaders from across Australasia and overseas.

Please download our latest  Conference Program 22FEB


 Scholarships – helping you get there $$$$

We’d like every member to be able to attend this fantastic professional opportunity but we realise this might be more difficult for some institutions. The Board has facilitated a Scholarship Program of $500 per delegate available through each Chapter. For more details, please download the application form HERE.

Please CLICK HERE to access accommodation and flight options.

Please CLICK HERE to meet our incredible Leadership Keynote Speaker – Corrinne Armour

Australian participants – register here

New Zealand participants – register here


 Full registration package includes:

  • Attendance at any session in any stream
  • Welcome drinks (Tuesday 4 Sept) and Sponsor’s Drinks (Wednesday 5 Sept)
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments and lunches during conference (incl Awards Lunch)
  • Conference Gala Dinner (Thursday 6 Sept)
  • Conference satchel, lanyard, program
  • Delegate contact list

 Day Registration and Half-Day Registration Package includes:

  • Attendance at any session included in full day or half-day period
  • Refreshments served during full-day or half-day sessions
  • Conference program


 Additional Social Program tickets

Please note that ‘Full registration’ includes: Welcome Drinks, Awards Lunch and Gala Dinner. Fill out these options only if you require extra tickets for the events.

 Stay in touch

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Meet your 2018 Committee

Meet your 2018 Committee

We are pleased to introduce your 2018 Chapter Committee:


Abhra Bhattacharjee
President SA/NT
Director of Philanthropy and External Relations
Scotch College, Adelaide


Sue Giacobbe F.Edplus
Vice President SA/NT
Fundraising Manager
Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide

Patrick Kelly F.Edplus
Secretary SA/NT
Director of Development & Community Relations
Blackfriars Priory School

 Kate Robertson

Kate Robertson
Treasurer SA/NT
Chief Advancement Officer
St Peter’s College

Peter Trenorden, F.Edplus
Immediate Past President
Communications Manager
Westminster School


Carmen Bishop
Director of Marketing & Community Relations
University Senior College



Karen Schaumloffel F.Edplus
Development Officer
St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School Inc.  

jill jansons

Jill Jansons
Marketing Manager
St Philips College


Ana Gozalo
Philanthropy & External Relations Specialist
Scotch College Adelaide

Mon Saunders
Communications and Engagement Director
Cornerstone College


Sandra Mestros
Development & Community Relationships Manager
Rostrevor College


Development & Fundraising – Synergetic

Development & Fundraising – Synergetic


Are your school’s development and fundraising campaigns being managed as well as you’d like them to be? Taking control may be easier than you think.

The Synergetic Development and Fundraising module boosts your campaign efforts by leveraging your organisation’s data within your existing Synergetic community database to strengthen relationships with your community.

Benefits include:

  • Making the most out of the data you’re already maintaining in Synergetic, such as students, parents, staff & suppliers, which is directly consumed by the Development & Fundraising system, eliminating double data handling and assisting privacy compliance
  • Generate a deeper understanding of your community by producing profile reports and relationship trees
  • Powerful search facilities that generate specific record sets such as previous donors, prospective donors or those who have attended specific events in the past, allowing you to tailor your campaigns to suit
  • Save time & improve efficiencies with the smooth integration of the Synergetic finance system, including ePayment portal and events management system
  • Simplify processes around future pledges by efficiently capturing receipt due-dates and issuing reminder letters and remittance slips. Have records updated with payment amounts and next payment details
  • Manage appeals and pledges based on your school’s needs and set individuals or companies as ideal targets to contribute to your appeal
  • All associated prospecting activities can be recorded, so you’ll have background information before making that all-important follow-up call


Unlock the full potential of your Synergetic database and boost your campaign prospects with our integrated Development & Fundraising system.

To make an enquiry, click here

For more information, contact us today on +61 3 9803 8000  or via email