Specialty Society webinar series RACP ANZSGM

In 2019, ANZSGM was one of eight specialty societies to participate in the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, webinar series program.

The following links are to view the ANZSGM 2019 webinars, please note all webinars from 2019 and previous years, are also available via RACP Member login.

ANZSGM Webinar 1 – Professor Len Gray

Improving the care of older people through clinical decision support and telehealth systems
ANZSGM webinar 1: RACP YouTube

ANZSGM Webinar 2 – Dr Richard Lindley

Update on stroke management
ANZSGM webinar 2: RACP YouTube

ANZSGM Webinar 3 – Professor Renuka Visvanathan

Nutritional Frailty
ANZSGM webinar 3: RACP YouTube

ANZSGM Webinar 4 – Professor Leon Flicker and Dr Oliver Menzies

Predictors of dementia and mortality in Indigenous Peoples
ANZSGM webinar 4: RACP member login

ANZSGM Webinar 5 – Dr Ming Loh

Perioperative care of the elderly – the new frontier for Australian Geriatricians.
ANZSGM webinar 5: RACP YouTube

ANZSGM Webinar 6 – Professor Srikanth Velandai

Impact of vascular disease and threshold for dementia.
ANZSGM webinar 6: RACP YouTube