Inquiry into Quality of Care Amendment (Minimising the Use of Restraints) Principles 2019

Click to download: Proof Committee Hansard, Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

Dear ANZSGM member,

For your information

23 August 2019

Inquiry into Quality of Care Amendment (Minimising the Use of Restraints) Principles 2019

Please find attached a PDF copy of the proof Hansard transcript of evidence from the committee’s hearing held in Sydney on Tuesday 20 August 2019.

For information, the committee publishes links to transcripts from its public hearings at:

If you consider corrections to the transcript are needed, please mark them in red on a hard copy and return that copy to the secretariat by 16 September 2019 via email ( or post. Please do not use track changes, as they will not be accepted. Please note that it will not be possible for corrections received after this deadline to be included in the Official Hansard transcript.

Corrections must be restricted to typographical and transcription errors (including inaccurate attributions). Suggested changes which seek to change the content, sense or tone of the evidence, or which are designed to improve style are not permitted. Should you wish to vary what you said to the Committee or provide additional information, this can be done by sending a letter providing additional information to the secretariat.

Please note that corrections suggested by a witness may not necessarily be accepted and that the committee may also make its own corrections.

If you do not wish to make any corrections, there is no need to respond to this letter. The Official Hansard transcript will then be finalised and published, and no further alterations will be possible.

If you undertook to provide additional material after the hearing, it would be appreciated if this material could be provided as soon as possible, in the week following the hearing.

Regarding answers to questions taken on notice, please note that answers are due on Monday 9 September 2019 and that the secretariat may be in touch with you regarding questions on notice.

I take this opportunity on behalf of the committee to thank you for your assistance with the inquiry.

Yours sincerely

Ms Anita Coles
Committee Secretary